swagTEAM: Gabe Majalca (Good Vibe Gliders,CEO)

Gabe Majalca is all about the good vibes. It’s in the name of the company he started, Good Vibe Gliders, and it’s something he lives and breathes. His gemified works of art—from collector’s item shoes to SWAGTRON scooters and eBikes (particularly the EB7 Elite)—are coveted the world over. And GVG is known for their signature look: 100% crystal-encrusted eRideables that are dripping sauce with thousands of high-end crystals. Talk about SWAG!  

So when he approached us to work on a project he was doing for RAW Rolling Papers, we knew it would be awesome. But we had no idea just how awesome the final product would be.

But we sure learned quick!

Introducing the EB7 RAW Glider eBike!

This amazingly detailed, bejeweled EB7 electric bike was done as a collaboration between Good Vibe Gliders and RAW Rolling Papers.

Simply put, Good Vibe Gliders (GVG) is an artist collaborative from the American Southwest who specialize in ultra-decorated electric scooters, hoverboards & eBikes. But really, they’re more than that. At the heart of it, GVG is an experience. And that experience can usually be wrapped up in two words: “wow” and “joy.”

“There is a special moment that occurs every time our clients ride their personalized GVG for the first time,” Gabe tells me. “You can see it in their face—all of their problems seem to melt away and the kid in them comes out, if only for a moment. That’s what it’s all about for us.” And for someone like Gabe, who’s fostered a creative spirit all his life, bringing joy to others by way of his artwork “makes life that much sweeter” according to him.

And talk about “bringing joy to others through his work.” Check the reaction of RAW Rolling Paper’s CEO when he first lays eyes on the gemiflied EB7! (Yes, Gabe calls his art Gemifly.)

Now THAT is what we call “joy”!

Good Vibe Gliders (GVG) was started by Gabe almost five years ago. Since then, he’s set easily over a million crystals onto everything from our EB7 Elite electric bike to some truly vibed out sunglasses of the Funk legend, himself, George Clinton! When we talk about the now-iconic GVG Shine Goggles, Gabe lights up.

“That was definitely one of my favorites,” Gabe tells me. “I am such a huge fan of George and Parliament-Funkadelic. He’s a living legend, both to the music world and the fashion world.”

Split image of George Clinton wearing GVG's Bling Sunglasses on stage and Pvpi Frvnko posing with the iced-up EB7.

Icon on icon: Funk Legend George Clinton wearing the GVG Bling Sunglasses and (center) Pvpi Frvnko looking fresh on the RAW x GVG EB7 eBike. Sponsored by Fyresite and Swagtron.

“But I’ll tell ya, I’m really proud of the RAW Rolling Papers Glider, especially the custom Swarovski crystal, branded joint exhaust pipes. Yup, we did that! So cool, so SWAG. The amount of time, energy and love that went into this is incalculable. We believe the final product speaks for itself.”

Heck yeah, they do! The attention to detail on the gemiflied EB7 eBike is undeniable. Gabe also custom linked a remote-control smoke machine in the gap of the main frame, rear shock and rear fork.

Split image showing the amazing detailed work of the GVG EB7 eBike.

The amazing detail of the crystal joint exhaust pipes and remote-control smoke machine on the EB7, dripping in ice from Gabe and the GVG crew.

Although Gabe is the creative head, he is quick to credit his entire artistic team for the success of GVG thus far. Originally, the co-creators were an amazing group of artists that he met during those pivotal Good Vibe Getdown years. But it wouldn’t take long before other creative powerhouses all over Southern Arizona showed interest in collaboration. He quickly realized that collaboration is the key to the future and is now baked into the GVG business model. It’s more than just creating unique crystal art onto rideables. It’s about showcasing the many talents of his artists on every project they complete. Here are just a few of the talented artists working with GVG:

@phlerpdesigns @nyla.lee @snood_city @claydaddyart @dmorganart @sacredimensional_art @lauraxus @steventorresart @joeydeadhaus and many more.

Gabe working on the Swagger 5 Elite eScooter

Gabe working his magic on a SWAGTRON Swagger 5 Elite eScooter.


SWAGTRON x GVG Gemified Air Jordans

SWAGTRON x GVG Gemified Air Jordans

SWAGTRON x GVG Gemified Air Jordans

The detail and precision put into these custom works of art is awe-inspiring to say the least. This reaffirms our suspicion: Gabe’s sort of a legend!

About the EB7 Elite Electric Bike

Premium folding eBike for casual cyclists, campus cruisers and city commuters. With a sleek design, powerful motor and extended mileage, it’s definitely a commuter’s dream. “If I could give everyone in the world an eRideable,” Gabe says, “it would be an EB7 with the super-dope pedal assist. No doubt about it, this eBike is built to let riders get around quickly and comfortably.”

Woman posing with the bedazzled and bejeweled EB7 for RAW Rolling Papers company.

Jasmine Sienna x RAW Glider EB7 aboard the Trolley Llama
Photo: 91Chainz

“The battery is primo. You can ride up to 15.5 miles on a single charge. But even if you run out of juice, you’re never truly dead in the water. Just pedal to the nearest charging station and juice up for the next ride.” And with the removable battery, you could have a back-up battery on hand for just this situation. He even put an extra battery inside the custom RAW cone bag attached to this smokin’ EB7.

Split images of the RAW Rolling Papers EB7 Glider

Featuring all custom bling rolling paper containers, bling puppy pendant, bling chargers, light-up bling valve stem joints, bling magnetic rolling tray, bling controls and bling wheels.

The EB7 Elite is powered by a highly efficient 350-watt motor. On throttle alone, riders can reach max SWAG of 18.6 mph in ideal conditions. Air-filled tires on 16-inch wheels deliver better traction and stability and the coil shock with adjustable preload combine to give the EB7 an incredibly smooth ride with consistently reliable stopping power. Special “Autoguard” brake technology ensures that the motor stops when the brakes are engaged. Safety is SWAG!

Forget Dogecoin—SWAG$ is coming.

Good Vibe & Good Heart

Gabe is more than just “good vibes” talk. He’s earnest about positivity. And it shows in the value of his company. “It’s no secret that we wear our corporate values on our sleeves,” he admits. Good Vibe Gliders—just like the main man, himself—are committed to curating a happier, healthier, more accepting tomorrow. “That means keeping diversity, inclusion, and an open-heart at the pinnacle of every business decision we make.” Community has always been important to him and his crew. To that end, GVG have lent a helping hand all over the valley including the AIDS Walk Arizona 2020. Gabe tells me: “In summer of 2020 we partnered with our dear friends at the W.E. Rising Project in Phoenix, AZ., to design a Glider in memory and response to the killing of George Floyd and others in our community—such as Dion Johnson and James Garcia. We can and will do better by the people.”

Lately, many have been a hard time staying positive and finding (keeping) those positive vibes around. “I know the feeling. One day you’re up, the next you’re down. In my experience, life’s like a wave, a constant series of peaks and valleys. Sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down. It’s completely okay to feel sad,” Gabe reminds me. “But whenever I’m low, I just tell myself that what I’m feeling, whatever it is, won’t last forever because a wave does not stay stagnant. Remember, it’s okay to feel sad, mad, angry or confused. But you don’t have to be defined by those emotions. You’ve got so many other great emotions on standby, waiting to be felt. So grab your surf board because there’s a wave of goodness coming your way. You just gotta ride that vibe, brother!” #ridethatvibe.

Agreed! And a good music festival certainly helps, too.

Gabe tells me, “I literally cannot wait for festival season, especially June Jam this September in Flagstaff. All the homies—and I mean ALL the homies!—will be there. And we hope to see you too!”

Split image of Gabe and Wife riding the Swagger 5 (left); Gabe riding the Swagger 5 Elite solo (right)

Gabe and wife riding on their gemiflied Swagger 5 Elite (left)*; Gabe riding solo on the Swagger (right).
*We absolutely do not recommend riding two-at-a-time on the Swagger 5. But it was his wedding, so . . .

About That Festival Life

Gabe loves a good camping festival. It’s understandable that he would have special place in his heart for them. After all, the start of his bejeweled eScooter history came from his experience attending camping music festivals. Even the company’s name—Good Vibe Gliders—is an homage to the legendary Good Vibe Getdown annual festival. It was there Gabe rightly realized that an electric scooter was the most effective form of transportation out at a campsite.

He returned the next year with his own eScooter, decorated entirely in jewels. The glider was an instant hit: crazy fun, ultra over-the-top, and completely SWAG! From that moment—and based on everyone’s response—Good Vibe Gliders was born. “Everyone loved it,” Gabe says, with a smile that goes up to his eyes. “I might have ridden my eScooter that weekend only handful of times. Everyone wanted to try it out for themselves. It was at the moment knew I was on to something.”

And only a short year later, rideshare electric scooters began popping up all over the country.

Talk about serendipity!

Gabe knew the time was right for GVG and his creative output.

Top 10 Good-Vibes According to Gabe

1. The warmth of Grandma’s hug.
2. The unconditional love of your dog.
3. Seeing your favorite band/music live.
4. Accomplishing something really hard.
5. The awe & wonder that comes from being directly under fireworks.
6. Celebrating together with family and friends.
7. Building a fort on the living room floor with blankets and watching Harry Potter all day.
8. Holding hands with your loved one on a sunny afternoon.
9. The smell of Mom’s home cooked food around supper time.
10. Twenty seconds of uninterrupted hugging from a loved one.

Bonus Good Vibe: Opening a Good Vibe Glider on Christmas morning!

On the Future of GVG

Reminiscing upon his early design days, Gabe gives most of the credit to costume designers MaryAnne and Renee of Gaslight Theater for teaching him how to match fabric, trim and everything in between. But it was his appreciation of skilled jewelers that shaped his unique strassing style. One of Gabe’s favorite project was dripping stones onto a pair of iconic Nike Air Jordan 1s in his collaboration with Vick Almighty, Youtube’s finest sneaker customizer. “These AJ1 Bred and Royal sneakers were already insanely cool, a real collector’s item. But with the addition of Siam and Majestic Blue Swarovski crystals in our signature strassing style, these sneakers just shot way up in value.”

Split image of Gabe working on Air Jordans (left) and the RAW x GVG EB7 eBike (right).

Gabe with Vick Almighty at Reshoeven8r studios strassing Air Jordan Bred and Royal sneakers (left). Gabe working on the EB7 ebike’s transformation for RAW Rolling Papers (right).

So what’s next for Gabe and his GVG crew? “So much. So, so much. We’re excited to continue matching our wearable creations to our Gliders. We’re currently obsessing about a few secret celebrity builds, and we’re starting to reach out to the community a lot more on where/how we can help bring everyone up.”

On the custom shoe front, what can I say, people really like gemiflied sneakers. I recently joined Youtube’s Vick Almighty at Reshoeven8r Studios, to film an instructional video on how to gemifly a pair of Air Jordan 1s. ReShoeven8ris the biggest player in the custom shoe game and I’m honored to teach my craft to Vick and his audience. It’s up on Youtube right now, you’ll definitely want to go check that out. As for the rest of 2021? You’ll need to stick around to find out. We look forward to meeting you! Thanks again for this great experience, SWAGTRON. Keep it Vibey!”

And def be on the lookout for more collaborations between Good Vibe Gliders and SWAGTRON. We’re just gettin’ started!

Gabe’s Final Thoughts

Good-Vibe Gabe leaves us with these dazzling final words of wisdom: “Just a gentle reminder that the most important conversation of the day is the one you have with yourself. So be kind to yourself, please. And be sure to cut yourself a break on occasion. You’re all doing great! Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.”

Keep ridin’ them positive vibes, Gabe!

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