swagTEAM: Introducing Trinity Morisette—TikTok Influencer and Positivity Warrior

Trinity Morisette is living proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover. That was, in fact, the title of her episode of The Maury Show. And it only takes a minute into our conversation with Trinity to see how fitting that subject line is for her and her journey. Trinity is a champion of “body positivity.” One might think, from her social media posts on TikTok and Instagram, that she focuses on health and beauty. And you’d be right, just not in the way you might expect. That’s because for Trinity, she’s concerned more with mental health and inner beauty.  

And that’s why we knew Trinity was the perfect first-choice for our #SwagTeam Celebrity series. 

Trinity knows a thing or two about prioritizing mental health by focusing on kindness, empathy and positivity. Her social media posts garnered a lot of fans along with a bit of flack. To cope, she had to maintain a positive outlook on things. But beyond that, it takes a fair bit of focus to accomplish just some of the things she Trinity has, namely, skipping high school altogether and starting her college career at the ripe-old age of 14. 

You read that right!  

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On Being a Double Major & Double Fierce!

Trinity has been able to juggle an extremely successful social media presence (including nearly 4 million followers on TikTok and over 315K on Insta) along with an enviably advanced academic career that includes a double major in neuroscience and biology at Florida Atlantic University. That’s a set of accomplishments would be tough for most of us, let alone a 17-year-old! But Trinity does it with gusto, and still manages to have time for other causes that are dear to her heart. “My brother has Down syndrome,” Trinity says. “And I’ve been able to participate in the Special Olympics and see first-hand the inspiration and sense of pride, self-worth and community that organization instills in everyone. Not just the participants, but the volunteers as well!”

Trinity swagTIP #1: It might seem hard to keep up the positive vibes and maintain a positive outlook with so much going on nowadays. But Trinity offers this advice: “Practice gratefulness. Show kindness to others. Smile as much as you can. Be true to you. And be happy for the success of others—especially friends and family—and never allow other people’s negativity bring you down!”

On Being a ‘Positivity Influencer’

Inspiration is especially important to Trinity. She refers to herself as a “positivity influencer.” In these times, we might all have an idea of what “positivity” means, but for Trinity, that means diffusing negativity through kindness and empathy. But Trinity took it all in stride: “Obviously, we can’t always avoid unpleasant situations. But we can how we react to them. Positivity is conscious choice. It must start within ourselves in order for us to share it with others.” Trinity dealt with the negativity surrounding some of her social media posts and turned it into a positive by standing against cyberbullying. To that end, she pioneered the “Kindness Matters” movement on TikTok, because for her, it’s important to not meet negativity with more negativity. In other words: smile at the haters! “I don’t have a favorite sport,” Trinity says, “but it’d be interesting to see baseball players roll around on hoverboards!” That off-the-cuff comment speaks to Trinity’s naturally inquisitive nature. It’s what sparked her interest in the sciences, particularly her fascination of the human brain. “The physiological and psychological aspects [of the human brain] intrigue me. What makes us who we are and how we think? And just right now, you’re actually thinking about how the brain thinks with your brain! Wrap your head around that!” Mind. Blown.

Trinity swagTIP #2: For young girls who want to indulge their interest in the sciences, but are concerned that the field has that old “Boys’ Club” mentality, Trinity has this to say: “Follow your passion, use obstacles as steppingstones. I believe we should be allowed to grow and achieve based on our own individual strengths, drive and determination. And you should never allow anyone to dictate who you are or what you can or cannot accomplish!”

On Keeping It All Together

Trinity is on-track to complete both of her programs next year. “College has been an adventure,” she says. “FAU has been good to me. I wouldn’t change a thing and will forever be grateful!” But make no mistake about it: her successes have been the result of her own perseverance and dedication. “And schedules,” she adds with a laugh that’s as infectious as her positive vibes. “I literally have every class, test, homework assignment, allotted study time as well as rest/play time written on my calendar. It’s important to schedule down time in order to refresh and refuel.” Speaking more on to that, Trinity prefers eBikes (“There easier for me to ride.”) and if she had the chance, she’d give everyone in the world an electric bike. “I’m thinking it would be the most practical choice for all ages and abilities around the world.”

Trinity Morisette (left) with two friends (center, right)

On the Future

A highly successful social media platform. An enviable collegiate career. Deep dives into special causes and charities. There seems to be nothing Trinity Morrisette can’t do. So that leaves us with this one final question: What’s next? “It may surprise you,” Trinity says with a smile, “but I’m actually looking into releasing some music of my own!” When it comes to Trinity, nothing would surprise us! Ride on, Trinity!

About the swagTEAM Celebrity

SWAGTRON® has had the pleasure and honor to work with many celebrities, musicians and athletes—from established stars to up-in-coming pros. Now we’re looking at some of these fresh media influencers that are working with us, with our swagTEAM Celebrities series, a completely collaborative effort between SWAGTRON and the stars of tomorrow. Every week, we’ll focus on one #swagTEAM artist, highlighting what’s makes them Tik, what makes them Tok, and what are the causes near and dear to their hearts.

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