swagTEAM: Brittany Wilson (goalkeeper, NWSL Orlando Pride)

Brittany Wilson is rightly considered a rising star in the National Women’s Soccer League. She played in eight matches for Colorado Rapids during the 2019 WPSL (Women’s Premier Soccer League) season. Then she signed signing with Orlando Pride in the National Women’s Soccer League, the top level of women’s soccer in the U.S. But she was unable to play last year when the club withdrew from the tournament due to COVID-19 precautions. “I didn’t even know if I was going to be playing soccer at all this year!” Brittany says.  

Wilson grew up in Colorado and stayed home for college, attending the University of Denver. There, she played 80 soccer matches with the Denver Pioneers. It was during this time that Brittany was recognized individually as Summit League Goalkeeper of the Year in her freshman year and won two Summit League Tournament titles.

From there, she attracted the attention of first the Colorado Rapids, then the Orlando Pride. “I still remember the [Orlando Pride] coach asking me if I could handle the heat in Florida before I came out,” Brittany says with a laugh. “I definitely sweat way more, but I absolutely love the team and the environment at the Pride so it’s super exciting. I’ve never ventured far away from home.”

WATCH: Brittany Wilson 2019 Soccer Highlights

On Her Love of the Swagger 7T Transport e-Scooter

Although Brittany has been playing soccer since age 3 (“I was full of energy at a young age so my mom put me in sports.”) she has room for other activities, including camping, hiking and exploring the world around her, whether that’s a familiar neighborhood or her new city. “I love all things outdoors.

When I’m home in Colorado I’m constantly in the mountains hiking and just enjoying the beauty all around.” So her next statement makes perfect sense: “I’m obsessed with electric scooters!” Brittany says. “I love how you can explore cities with them or just commute around town.

If I could give everyone in the world an eScooter, I totally would, because riding on my scooter is one of my favorite activities to do off the field.”

Brittany Wilson on her Swagger 7T electric scooter

Brittany explores her world with her Swagger 7T Transport eScooter. She takes the scooter with her wherever she goes, whenever she can. With the extra large 350W motor and removable battery, the Swagger 7T gives her the power to move upwards of 18.9 MPH for up to 18 miles per charge. And with its puncture-proof honeycomb tires deliver a maintenance-free commute. So she’ll never have to worry about flats while out on her outdoor excursions.


But why the Swagger 7T? Its features matched what Brittany wanted in her ideal eScooter: “I wanted a scooter with a long range for exploring and sturdy tires in case the road gets bumpy. Plus, I loved the eScooter’s compact foldable frame for easy storage.” And the Swagger 7T Transport ticked all those boxes! “Plus, I get super sweaty on the field,” Brittany says. “So I could see riding the scooter to and from the facility to the field!”

On This Whirlwind of a Year

“2020 was an absolute whirlwind of a year,” Brittany says. “That’s been true for all of us. But I think it taught me how to ride with the ups and downs of a pro career and in life.” This sort of positivity is the sort of thing that has not only propelled Wilson to the top of her profession but has made her a role model to her team.

Still, that’s not been a one-way street: “What helped me get through the emotions of this year was leaning into my teammates and community. My teammates and family were always there this year to pick me up and motivate me when I was down.

Ultimately, community is so important.” And Brittany has some helpful advice for anyone struggling to stay positive: “We don’t have much control on the events that happened this year—or any year for that matter!—but what we can control is our mindset. So try to focus on gratefulness for what we do have and control what control what we can control.

Like for me, I had to focus on my goals and find new ways to achieve them.” For Brittany, that was as simple as holding workouts over Zoom with her teammates when gyms were closed.

Closeup of a woman standing on her Swagger 7T Transport eScooter

On Community and Giving Back

In 2019, SWAGTRON® had our inaugural Giving Is Swag campaign benefiting Toys for Tots. It featured musicians and bands as well as actors, professional athletes and content creators coming together and signing swagCYCLE PRO eBikes. And Brittany is no stranger to helping those in need. Watch: About swagCYCLE PRO

“I’m super passionate about the benefits of sport,” Brittany says, “and think every child should have the opportunity to participate.” To that end, she’s volunteered with the Special Olympics and have loved every minute of it. She’s also a huge fan of the Women in Sports Foundation, which helps create more opportunities for girls to get involved in sport regardless of income.

On Inspiration and Role Models

Brittany continues to focus on her career and improving her play skills. She pulls inspiration in this regard from one of her sports role models, Serena Williams. What exactly is it about Serena that inspires her? “Her intensity and determination,” Brittany says. “I would love to talk with her about what her mindset and approach to sport and life is.”

How about a game of tennis?

“Of course, I would love to have her destroy me in tennis!”

Does Brittany Wilson also play tennis? “Oh, I’ve never really played tennis,” she answers with a laugh. “But I couldn’t pass up that opportunity!” Understandable!

As far as her professional role models and inspiration, Brittany looks no further than those who came before her on the U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT). From the 99ers to the 2019 World Cup champion team, the USWNT paved the way for players like Brittany to chase their dreams of having a career in professional soccer. “Not only chase the dream,” Brittany says, “But catch it! I hope to make them proud with how I carry myself throughout my career and continue to pave the way for women to come.”

So what’s next for Brittany Wilson?

“I plan to find new ways to help the community that has given so much to me. Beyond that, I’ll continue my path playing professional soccer and focus on being the best version of myself I can be for myself, my teammates and everyone around me!”

And we have no doubt that she will!

— Keep kickin’, Brittany!

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