SwagRoller Unicycle: ‘[No] Hands’ Down the Best Electric Unicycle

Swagtron’s latest brain child is the brand new electric unicycle, the Swagtron SwagRoller Unicycle. Drop the second wheel on your SwagCycle and learn to ride UNI. Mastering the motorized unicycle is simple and easy with self balancing Dynamic Equilibrium Technology (DET).

With the sizzling months are approaching quickly, Swagtron SwagRoller Unicycle’s sleek design is the perfect beginning to your summer adventures. Ride down the boardwalk in style and stand out against the bicycles behind you.

Our electric, motorized rideables are a great way for folks of all ages to get around without the necessity of a car. And now that we’ve gone UNI, you have ONE more reason to add a new rideable to your collection.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Now now, even though this is the easiest time you’ll ever have on a unicycle, there are some things to keep in mind when going hands-free on our Swagtron SwagRoller motorized unicycle. Uni means ONE – so you should be the only rider. This means no piggy back rides for your friends.

Our self-balancing unicycle works best on the pavement, so keep your off-roading at bay and avoid steep slopes so the DET can do its job keeping your ride smooth and easy.

The Swagtron Unicycle is equipped with features that keep you connected while you adventure through your day with both hands free while self balancing on your electric unicycle.

A Super Easy Ride

Learning to unicycle is no longer strictly geared toward a circus act or college hipster intramural sport. Our electric unicycle uses DET to make your ride completely self balancing. Our Gyroscopic Technology keeps you upright and balanced on inclines up to 15°. Check out Shonduras (VLOGGER) demonstrating the differences between the ease of the SwagRoller versus our competitors. [See 2:57]

Girl with baby blue sweater on a swagtron electric unicycle

You can forfeit the learning curve of understanding how to control a classic, motorless unicycle with forwards and backwards balancing all while trying not to eat it. Your adventure is controlled by distributing your body weight to accelerate, slow down, and turn from side to side. Even a rookie hipster will have an easy time going UNI.

To help break it down further, we created the handy cheat sheet below:

1. To move forward: Shift your weight forward.

2. To move backwards: Shift your weight back.

3. To turn left: Shift your weight slightly left.

4. To turn right: Shift your weight slightly right.

Key Features and Benefits of the Electric Unicycle

The features don’t have to be the boring, responsible part of your purchase. We equipped the turn signals with LED lights with customizable colors. The brightness changes with speed and direction so you are easy to spot at night. According to Bob Mionske, many states require laws with active lights while cycling at night. Experience no trouble being the law-abiding citizen because this is built into your electric unicycle.

The Swagtron SwagRoller Unicycle is compatible with the Swagtron App. Use it to select your favorite color on LED turn signals and acceleration indicators. Use it with your Android or iOS device and let your phone be the control center for yet another valuable part of your active day.

Dancing girl on a swagtron electric unicycle

Basically everything is compatible with Bluetooth technology now, even your electric self balancing unicycle. With excellent-quality speakers built right in, you can soundtrack your ride by pairing your Swagtron SwagRoller Unicycle to your device without using headphones. Being headphone free keeps you are aware of your surroundings and compliant with local traffic laws.

Swagtron’s responsive voice prompts keep you in the loop with what features are turned on, so you don’t have to check while you ride. Indicators occur when the device is powered on and even when it isn’t balanced on its upright track.

As with other Swagtron devices, our electric unicycle is heavy duty and weighs 30 pounds with a carrying capacity of 264 pounds. It is still portable without needing to be carried, as you would just need to pop up the handle and roll it to and fro.

Eco-Friendly Riding

You don’t have to worry about contributing to climate change either. According to Sanjay Dastoor, electric boarding within a radius of 6 miles can replace up to half of the car trips in the United States! Your eco-friendly, electric ride is a zero emissions device with a motor running up to 450w. It’s basically a way cheaper alternative to your Prius or Volt.

Why Swagtron SwagRoller Unicycle?

Not everyone is so talented that they only need one hand. Our motorized unicycle allows you to keep both of your hands limitless just like our hoverboard collection and electric skateboards (Swagboard and Voyager Longboard). The SwagCycle and Swag Scooter still need at least one arm to operate whereas the Swagtron SwagRoller Unicycle is the best of both worlds–self balancing and completely hands-free! So are you ready to drop the second wheel? You might be surprised to find out that even the Hulk is a fan of unicycling!

Competitive Pricing Chock-Full of Perks

Our price beats the rest of the motorized unicycles on the market. At $399, the Swagtron Unicycle boasts an eye-catching, sleek white modern design with all the technology and features to keep you at peace with your purchase.

Dynamic Equilibrium Technology is self balancing and easy to master; making our electric unicycle one of the most accessible on the market. Bluetooth syncing allows you to listen to music, audiobooks, or soundtracks to your favorite content on our built-in speakers. Built-in LED lighting keeps you looking good and riding carefully at night.

Sleek design of the Swagtron electric unicycle
SwagRoller – Electric Unicycle by SWAGTRON

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