Exclusive Sneak Peek: SwagRoller Self Balancing Unicycle by SWAGTRON!

Introducing the newest innovation to come rolling out of SWAGTRON doors–the SwagRoller!

The SwagRoller looks a lot like a unicycle that wandered off the set of Tron, and that’s because it basically is. It’s the unicycle reimagined–an electric unicycle!

Now, at first impression, the SwagRoller looks challenging to ride. I’m sure you’re already picturing yourself struggling to hop on already–but looks can be deceiving. Don’t get intimidated! You know what they say about first impressions anyway….

The SwagRoller maneuvers with the help of dynamic equilibrium technology–which is an extremely technical way of saying SELF-BALANCING. So, when you pop your feet on top of the footholds and begin a balancing act of your own, the SwagRoller has your back. It’s not going to let you fall on its watch.

The motorized unicycle’s equilibrium is generated by the shifting of the rider’s body weight (aka: your legs and core keeping you upright on the SwagRoller) and uses an internal gyroscope that helps move based on your center of gravity. Meaning that when you lean forward, the SwagRoller will accelerate and, spoiler, go forward. When you want to turn, you’ll gently (being the operative word) shift weight to your left or right foot to turn in that direction (kind of like your trusty hoverboard).

To help break it down further, we created the handy cheat sheet below:

To move forward: Shift your weight forward.

To move backwards: Shift your weight back.

To turn left: Shift your weight slightly left.

To turn right: Shift your weight slightly right.

Not too complicated! It’s an extremely friendly rideable for both beginners and experts! Plus, with dual air-filled tires on a single rim and shock absorption capabilities, you’ll have unparalleled stability and traction while riding.

Always be careful and see where you’re going day or night using the bright headlight. To further help other riders or pedestrians know where you’re going, we’ve outfitted the SwagRoller with intuitive LED turn signals. The sides are also tricked out with the same lights, which change in brightness to your speed and direction. You can even customize the light’s colors using the SWAGTRON phone app! The SWAGTRON app is readily accessible for Android and iOS devices, and even allows you to customize your LED lights with four unique colors, so you can match your whip with your mood or favorite song. Truly be the DJ on your favorite ride. The SwagRoller is a pretty smart little unicycle.

Speaking about the SWAGTRON app… You can connect your favorite smart device using our Bluetooth speakers! Play your favorite tunes while riding around town, or use the speakers with the SwagRoller’s responsive voice prompts! Playing music through the speakers is a great way to keep your spacial awareness (by eliminating the need for headphones that might cancel noise and jeopardize your well-being), and also acts as a way to let others know you’re coming–it’s a win-win!

As an aside, because we care about all of riders’ well-being first and foremost, we do not recommend trying to tackle rough or rugged terrain, taking it up any steep slopes, or giving your friend a lift–keep it limited to one rider at a time!

The electric unicycle can be a bit of a pill to carry (after all, the thing is a sturdy 30 lbs), so we advise popping up the handle and rolling it from place to place!

The zero-emission motor works up to 450w (equivalent to any of our electric bikes and scooters) and can reach up to a max speed of 9 miles per hour. The maximum distance you can ride your SwagRoller on a single charge is approximately 12.4 miles–which gives you an ample amount of ride time! When it runs out of juice, simply recharge the lithium-ion battery, which is equipped with multi-layered protection to prevent overcharging–this means it is alright to keep in your home.

Bonus? The SwagRoller can carry a person up to 264 lbs! Not bad for such a little guy–he’s pretty tough.

When you’re done riding for the day, simply fold in the collapsible, metal footrests and use the retractable handle to roll the SwagRoller anywhere!

We’re so excited to finally let riders see the SwagRoller, and can’t wait to see all of the exciting and innovative tricks and adventures you all get up to!

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