#StayHome with SWAGTRON (Because Being Bored Sucks)

For most of the world, COVID-19 has been a damper on social activity. We’ve been asked to not travel, work from home and reduce face-to-face interactions, if not stop them altogether. This is in an effort to “flatten the curve” of coronavirus infections and protect the most vulnerable among us. It’s necessary — absolutely necessary. And it’s absolutely the right thing to do right now.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t absolutely suck.

But social distancing doesn’t mean social disconnection, nor does it mean social inactivity or disengagement. It just means we need to all sit back, take stock and re-think the ways we stay active and engaged, with ourselves, our loved ones and each other.

If you’re feeling bored, anxious or a tad lonely, you need only toss a proverbial rock down the proverbial road and find any number of entertaining live streams to keep you smiling and connected. From Dungeons & Dragons™ “actual plays” to remote live concerts, there’s plenty of “action” available to enjoy. And you can add SWAGTRON® to that list!

No one likes to be bored. And we’re no exception. While most of our offices have been closed, our employees have still been finding ways to stay active and engage with each other — and with you. We’re still making great content and having as much fun as a quarantine would allow.

Follow our daily live antics! Be have contests, interviews, tricks and tips, and general hilarity to help you pass the time!

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Having Fun — Winning Prizes!

Anyone who’s been around us for a while knows we love to give away cool stuff. Our annual “Giving is Swag” campaign with Toys for Tots. That “SwagKiss” Valentine’s Day Photo Contest. And the lucky St. Patty’s Day contest. We’ll giveaway just about anything we can get our hands on, from SWAGTRON® electric scooters and eBikes, to concert and festival tickets — even cash! — and we have no intention of slowing down.

You can visit our Amazon Live Videos for product discount codes, sometimes as much as 99% off — no joke! There we’ll also have product demonstrations, how-tos and even celeb interviews. You can find a lot of our previous live videos on our YouTube channel, so be sure to like and subscribe. Yeah, you might miss the promo codes, but co-hosts David and Cyrus — and occasionally Kaitlin — always have a lot of fun. And so will you!

We’re In This Together

Indoors with SWAGTRON products resting against the fireplace. Stay Home, but Stay Entertained, with SWAGTRON.

And together we can beat this. We’ll do it by following all medical recommendations to thoroughly wash our hands, avoid close contact and stay home if we’re feeling sick. After all, we can’t ignore the dangers of spreading this virus. But we can try and make things easier for each other by simply being alone, together.

Whether you want to stay informed or get entertained — or just be reminded that there are people out there, there’s plenty content out there to suit whatever your needs are.

— Stay healthy!

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