Ski and Snowboard Holiday Gift Idea — Snowtide Smart Helmet

Forget that seven-season (and five-book) Game of Thrones tease. Winter is here. The chairlifts are turning. Many ski resorts are already open, marking a return of a full season of glorious skiing and snowboarding. When you hit the slopes, protecting your noggin is essential. And so is the Snowtide.

It makes total sense to put that helmet on your melon. Steep slopes. Ice patches. Step downs. Trees. The occasional Jerry. There are plenty of things to watch out for when you’re seeking powder. There’s a reason virtually all snowboard and ski pros wear helmets, whether crushing race courses, sending it in the park or pipe, or riding the white room. They know the risks of brain injury. At many resorts, you’re not even allowed on the slopes unless you’re wearing one.

The Snowtide is our smart ski and snowboard helmet. It’s one of the only snow helmets on the market to offer a full suite of connectivity options. The Snowtide combines industry-leading emergency features with immersive sound and advanced two-way communications, packed in a sleek, aerodynamic design. It’s snowonder that it’s considered by many to be one of the best ski and snowboarding gear to have this ski season.

So if you’re looking for that special someone in your life who loves to ski or snowboard — and maybe that special someone is you! — take a look at our Snowtide Smart Ski and Snowboard Helmet. What makes it such a great deal?

Excited guy wearing a Snowtide smart helmet for skiiers and snowboarders

Certified Protection

You might be on the lookout for the best ski gear or killer snowboard gadgets that will look good — and look good on you. But that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice protection. With Snowtide, you won’t have to. It’s a premium snow helmet with an amazing array of smart tech. But it hasn’t forgotten about the basics.

The Snowtide is a sleek, lightweight option that offers multilayered skull protection with its durable ABS outer shell and in-mold EPS impact layer. It goes a long way to protecting your dome and preventing the worst from happening. And we’re not the only ones to think so. The Snowtide is fully certified to exceed ASTM F2040 and EN1077 international standards for quality and durability.

Snowtide smart helmet, ASTM F2040 and EN1077 certified for global protection.

Get It Right, Get It Tight

The Snowtide looks fantastic. There’s no doubt about it. But it’s not all about aesthetics. The helmet comes in a med/large size, fitting head sizes between 57 and 61 centimeters. (That’s about 22.5 to 24 inches for the rest of us.) And it offers snug fit that’s adjustable using the dial-fit system at the back of the helmet. Quick, easy and simple.

A sturdy chin strap allows the padding to rest comfortably along the contour of your neck. There’s even a soft bezel at the front-top of the helmet, which doubles as a goggle rest. A strap-hook on the back of the helmet keeps your goggle strap nice and secure.

Comfort is almost as important as protection. After all, if something’s not comfortable to wear, you’re less likely to wear it, right? We put in fifteen strategically placed vents in the Snowtide for added climate comfort while with your Snowtide. Slide them open on warmer days; seal them tight when temperature drop. Use the Vent Switch on the top of the helmet to control the six front vents and say “goodbye” to fogged up goggles thanks to front induction channels.

Snowtide vents and vent control

Bluetooth & Audio Capability

Everyone loves to shred to their own soundtrack. That’s why skiers and snowboarders look for a ski and snowboard helmet with built-in headphones. The Snowtide comes equipped to satisfy those needs. Fully integrated Bluetooth audio not only lets you stream music and podcasts from your phone, but also make and receive phone calls with intuitive touch control. But that isn’t the only method of communications that the helmet has to offer.

Want to stay informed of fresh powder? Or where everyone’s going for après? When you need immediate, direct communication with your crew, take advantage of the Snowtide’s special push-to-talk (PTT) function, with unlimited range*. This one-button PTT feature works much like a “walkie-talkie,” letting you stay connected quickly and easily, with groups you can manage from the free Snowtide iOS/Android app.

* two-way communication requires wireless data signal via a connected smartphone.

Snowtide Bluetooth and audio capability

The Snowtide App

Using the Snowtide App, you can create and manage groups to other Snowtide wearers. Quickly send voice messages to one another simply by pushing a single button on the helmet. No matter where your crew is, they’ll get the message. So you’ll always be side-by-side with your posse — even when you’re miles away.

The app can also monitor the metrics that matter most to you: speed, duration, distance, vert drop, altitude and slope angle. Save those stats to the app. Access the data later. Compare numbers. See just how well you did all season long.

Snowtide App with the S.O.S. function, among other advanced features

S.O.S. Feature

We designed the Snowtide to do a lot — and look great doing it. But who cares if a ski helmet looks good, if its speakers are crisp, if its fit is snug. Who cares about any of that if the helmet doesn’t look out for you?

The Snowtide’s S.O.S. feature is the one we’re most proud of. After all, even the most seasoned skier or snowboarder will take a fall. If you go down hard, this built-in emergency protocol will activate. If, after 60 seconds, the alarm hasn’t been shut off, the helmet will automatically send text messages and emails to your emergency contacts, letting them know your location. Multiple emergency contacts can be designated within the Snowtide smartphone app.

The combination of fully certified protection, integrated Bluetooth, unlimited two-way communication and an S.O.S. feature, the Snowtide is the must-have ski and snowboard helmet of the season.

Looking for a smart way to stay protected on the slopes?

You just found it.

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