Skatepark fun with Different Electric Rideables @ Volcom in Costa Mesa, CA

Costa Mesa, California has one of the most real skateparks in California. Not only is this nothing like the Etnies park in Lake forest, where there is a staff, strict rules and lots of parents and parking…. it just has great lines and a killer local scene.

We’ve been skating there since 2017 began and compared to DTLA spots (better lighting), Burbank: Less rules, free and better hours… or Venice: Daytime only and we work fulltime so weekends only which are killer busy…but when you skate Venice on a weekend, it feels like you are in a skate video. You literally are in hundreds of tourist videos so it is rather true!

At Venice Beach with the Voyager Longboard
At Venice Beach with the Voyager Longboard

So back to Costa Mesa:

See how much fun we have here?

Check out this video having some fun with the locals on all different rideables in the skateparks.

On these next videos, there’s several different things going on, basically we’re testing out the all terrain hoverboard or the T6 offroad hoverboards, which are the best hoverboards going, personally we feel as you can ride on the grass or the sidewalk and not have to worry about things like cracks, etc.

Notice how the SWAGTRON Voyager electric skateboard can change into the 3′ – 4′ bowl at Costa Mesa and then launched out of it. We could use the hand controller to really get speed through the corners… it’s really nice because you can get speed without throwing so much weight around… keeping you in more control.

Think of it this way… if you are coming out of a corner with a car, it’s great to accelerate. Skaters already do this by pumping the transitions and corners… using an electric skateboard however, the game changes. You can conserve your own pump energy by hitting the gas where needed instead and preparing for your next maneuver rather than dealing with gaining more momentum as you would have in the past.

This leads to the thought of when regular skateboards will have the same type of thing, as battery design enclosure evolves smaller and smaller. We can’t wait to skate regular boards that have boosts to get you out of the bowl after you bail, for example!

Still Searchin’

loving his T6 off-road hoverboard buy one right now!

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