How to ride the Swagger electric scooter

So you finally took the plunge and committed to your Swagger electric scooter.

First thing’s first: congrats, welcome to the club. We’re glad to have you.

Second, let’s talk about your Swagger – specifically how to use it. You might not need an in-depth tutorial, but in case anyone has any questions or it’s your first time owning an electric scooter, well, you found the right place.

7 Easy Steps to riding your electric scooter

Step 1: Place your electric scooter facing wheels down on a flat surface (preferably the ground). Seems like a no-brainer, but we are starting literally at the beginning.

Step 2:  Flip the latch at the base of the steering column to unlock it and pull to raise it to a full, upright position. Be sure to re-lock the latch to secure the column before hopping on.

(NOTE: to pack it up when you’re done riding, simply unlock the same latch, push down the steering column, and relock the latch – good to go! Carry it with you anywhere).

Step 3: Getting started most people like to pop the kickstand on the side and let the scooter rest. Bonus: this means you don’t have to awkwardly lean your scooter up against objects or watch it slide down a wall.

Step 4: Turn it on by pressing the middle button on your backlit LED display, located in the center of your steering column. Your LED display is essentially the hub of everything going on with your ride. It lets you know how many miles per hour you’re going, the exact distance you’ve traveled, and allows you access to cruise control. You can also change gears by hitting the top and bottom buttons to adjust to your surroundings.

Step 5: Now we come to the big question – “How do I make this thing go?” We hear you.

There are two very important things to cover first: brakes.
On your handlebars you’ll find your red hand break. This break is extremely sensitive and should be used mainly for turning tight corners or reserved for emergency stops. If you hit it too fast, you might fly off, so be gentle. (NOTE: you also tap this break once to come out of cruise control).
At the very back of the Swagger is your foot break. We recommend pressing down on this to come to a casual stop or gradually slowing down at any speed.

All right, now that that’s covered we can move on to the throttle. You can find the black throttle on the right side of your handlebars. This is the electronic gas pedal, getting you from Point A to Point B.

Step 6: Another no-brainer, but we feel it needs to be said – kick up that kickstand.

Step 7: Hit the throttle, and have a blast (responsibly).

When you’re ready to come to a stop or you’ve reached your destination, use either your red hand break, foot break, or even both to stop. To turn the scooter’s electric motor off, simply press and hold down the middle button on your LED display. Easy as that.

After a couple of rides, you’re going to want to recharge it. Your charging port is just beneath your LED display. Open it and pop in your charging cable. Recharge time should take 1.5 hours.

That about covers it. If you have any other questions, you can watch our video tutorial on YouTube or even let us know in the comments. We’re here to help you enjoy your Swagger experience!

Have fun – and wear a helmet.


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