Review of SWAGTRON Voyager 42” Electric Longboard with Remote Control

Review for SWAGTRON Voyager 42” Electric Longboard with Remote Control

I give this thing a huge thumbs up. I ride this back and forth to work every day and I have to say that it is a beast. It goes fast and gets me where I need to go in an instant. It also gets lots of compliments from people. I love this board. It’s lighter than the boosted board and also has a handle to carry it. It has a nice controller I haven’t seen anywhere else before and I like the grip tape too. It’s grippy and I have yet to fall off unless user error.
All in all, this board is awesome and cheap. It looks nice and has an unconventional design from the normal long board. Still easy to stand on and easy to stay on once you get the hang of it. When it’s going 15 mph it’s still easy to stay on as long as you lean forward when you take off and stop. I still have to get used to stopping myself, but otherwise it’s a jolting stop so you can stop instead of cruise to a stop. It’s cheap and the controller is awesome. It shows the battery of the controller and the board and also shows the power and speed it’s running at. This is the best controller I have seen for a board yet and I have yet to charge it since I got it a week ago.

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