Review of SWAGTRON Extended Range Electric Scooter, Swagger Pro 3

Review for Swagger Pro 3 Extended Range Electric Scooter

Just bought it directly from this website and received it on July 10th, and it’s my first electric scooter I ever have, use it about five times already and have been traveled 46 miles so far, its light weight and short charging time really is a good scooter I can find in the market for me, just hope the mile range can be longer although it’s already good enough for me for one day traveling with a fully single charge, and a tip to conserve longer mile range is when you put down the throttle, at the same kick with your foot just like a normal kick scooter, that way don’t have to rely on electricity too much, especially when you are on the uphill it may have little help and works. Also found out the braking system can also help to recharge some power, you can see it work especially you are downhill and put the brake around 10-11 mph, but remember don’t go too fast on during downhill, and not on the deep downhill of course.

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