Review of SWAGSKATE Electric Skateboard w Remote, NG1 Classic

Review for SWAGSKATE Electric Skateboard w Remote, NG1 Classic

I have never owned a skateboard in my life and have only been able to balance, push start, and gradually turn on friends skateboards about 15 years ago. I bought this Swagtron NG-1 about 7 weeks ago and here’s my experience: I am a 185 lbs, 5’10”, 36 year old man and I was able to ride it effortlessly right out of the box. I have only wiped out 1 time, and that was because someone distracted me. The range really is 10 miles if you don’t max out the speed constantly. This thing is sooo freaking fun, I am almost an expert at it, and I ride it just about every day! It get’s plenty of attention and the battery charges in about 90 minutes. The funnest time for me is to ride it in a large retail parking lot right after it rains because there are hundreds of small puddles everywhere that you can ride through as it feels like I’m surfing! I actually would have liked a stronger battery with more uphill climbing power… but this thing is totally worth the small price tag! I’m very happy with it. I have put this thing through hell, and it still works good!

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