Review of SWAGCYCLE PRO Pedal-Free Electric Scooter Bike

Review for SWAGCYCLE PRO Pedal-Free Electric Scooter Bike

WOW, this is NEAT! The weather is getting nice and I decided to “Go Green” for my 2.1 mile ride to work. This cute little bike is PERFECT for my commute! I can ride it both ways and charge it at night. I have not had a single issue in my about 25 days of communting. My 2 mile ride to work is MUCH more fun than sitting in traffic. Due to horrible traffic on my route to work, I actually take LESS time to get to work on this bike at 15 MPH than may car. It can go faster than 15, maybe 19 MPH, but I’m not really in a rush. The free app also tracks my routes and works great with my Samsung S7 edge. VERY happy SWAGGING to work : ))

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