Review of SWAGCYCLE PRO Pedal-Free Electric Scooter Bike

Review for SWAGCYCLE PRO Pedal-Free Electric Scooter Bike

Incredible!!!!Just bought a Swagcycle Pro last week and received it this Wednesday and can I just say…. Wow!!!! It more then exceeded my expectations!! I live and work in the city and just recently had to sell my car due to my budget dropping a bit. Ive been walking to work every night in about 10° weather and it takes me about 25 minutes to get to work. This Swagcycle has taken so much stress off my shoulders!! It hits about 17MPH going at a slight incline for 3 miles on the way to work!! I get about 10 to 15 mile per charge and it actually does great on smaller hill. At my job I do security and I use this little bike/scooter to do my patrols through the parking terrace while all the employees smile, laugh and wave at the security guard on this mini Swagcycle Pro lol all in all this is a great bike and worth every penny. Although mine showed up with a broken back Mud stopper, the bike more then exceeded my expectations and I cannot stop riding it!! I will be purchasing a Swagtron Standing scooter in the near future so my girlfriend and I can stroll downtown!!

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