Review of SWAGCYCLE Classic Pedal-less Electric Bike

Review for SWAGCYCLE Classic Pedal-less Electric Bike

I bought this because I am handicapped and although I have an electric wheelchair the house I rent is not handicapped accessible and it’s hard to get the wheelchair in and out and I have a dog I love to take on walks. I love my SWAGCYCLE it’s easy to get in and out if the house or car it’s got great range for dog walks and it’s just plain cool. I’m 55 but feel like 25 when I’m riding. I do wish the seat was a little wider and plusher but I’m not complaining it’s just to fun I love it. Great looks, good battery, front and brake light. Winner winner chicken dinner.

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  1. The Swagtron® Swagcycle has a seat-mount “twin rail” system. That means the seat is easily replaceable by the majority oif after-market seats available. We use thios system to make it easy to add a seat of your personal choosing. If you have any questions regarding changing the seat or what seats are compatible, you can email us at!

    If you have any questions you can ask here, DM our Facebook page, Live-chat us at OR email!

    Welcome to the Swagtron fam!!


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