I’ve had my T3 for a short time now and it’s awesome. It’s smooth and easy to ride. The bluetooth functionality works well, providing speed, detailed battery info and tuning options for max speed, acceleration and turning sensitivity. In advanced mode you can disable all the limiters (scary but fun if you’re careful and know how to ride hoverboards). The speakers work surprisingly well. I didn’t think they would be very loud but you can definitely hear them, even while riding outside at speed. I was worried I would have bluetooth connectivity issues but it’s been rock-solid on my Nexus 6P since I first paired it.

There are LEDs front and rear and they’re all capable of showing either red, blue or green. When you’re riding, the front-facing lights are blue and the rear are green, and if you turn left or right the green side blinks to indicate which way you’re turning. When you slow down, the green switches to red. You can turn around on the board and the lights switch sides.

Solid build quality, feels more rugged than the old ones from eBay. There’s also a UL certification sticker on the bottom so I feel better about this one not lighting on fire while I charge it at night. It uses the same charger as the X1 and T1 and I purchased an extra charger to keep in my bag. The T3 comes with adhesive bumpers for the fenders and the handle on the bottom is a nice (and useful) touch. Also, Swagtron support has been very responsive in answering my questions before I received the board.

Overall I love it and one of my friends has already ordered one. If you’re considering getting a board a highly recommend the T3.

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