Review of Kids Lithium-Free Hoverboard, Swagboard Twist

Review for Kids Lithium-Free Hoverboard, Swagboard Twist

Highly recommendLike many I found myself skeptical of any Hoverboard in general due to their reputation when first coming out. After my son bugged something awful for one I begin researching consumer reviews for many different hoverboard brands. I also compared features like speed, distance, battery life, special sensors for balancing, and price. Swagtron by far had the best specs, price and reviews. My final decision to purchase a swagtron lithium free battery for my son is a friend recommend his brand after purchasing 2 himself over a year ago for his boys and no reported defects/ malfunctions. We’ve had this one out of box and using daily for 2 weeks. Works perfect, no scary jolts or stops or failures to turn diff directions. Excellent quality for price. Highly recommend!

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