Recertified eBikes, eScooters and Hoverboards: Same Great Performance, Better Price

Whether you’re looking to grab an eRideable for the fresh air and fun or you’re environmentally conscious and want a cleaner way to get to work, there are all sorts of reasons for buying a SWAGTRON® eBike (which is probably why you’re already here). The only question left: Do you want your electric bike factory fresh, or would you rather save a little green and go recertified?

Chances are, you’ve bought textbooks and other merch from other retailers that someone else had first; would it be a problem to get your eBike the same way — as long as it was recertified to give you the exact same performance? If you want it off the factory floor, you’re more than welcome to go that route, but if you’re up for keeping some cash in your pocket, recertified is the way to go. 

Man riding the K8 Kick Scooter.
The SWAGTRON Recertified Program—perfect way to grab solid gear at an even better price.

SWAGTRON® Recertified Program

At SWAGTRON, we’re serious about delivering top-quality eRIdeables to our customers, whether it’s an electric bike, electric scooter, hoverboard or electric longboard. And that extends to our Recertified Program too. Here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons of our recertification program.


  • Savings: We’ll get the obvious out of the way first. If you’re willing to sacrifice that new eBike smell, you can shave off a substantial amount from your purchase. The average eBike can range from $250 to $1,000, depending on the model and features, and it’s not uncommon to see a savings of $50 to $100 or more from going the recertified route. Why not get the same quality and use the savings on something else (say, an extra replaceable battery to help you go twice as far, for instance)? 
  • Functionality: All our recertified eBikes have the capabilities of their brand-new counterparts, and we make sure of it. Each recertified ride is fully tested by our SWAGTRON technicians to ensure optimum performance, and it comes with a 90-day warranty. That way, you’ll know that no matter where your eBike has been before, it will perform as if it was made yesterday. 


  • Cosmetics: Our recertified eBikes are fully functional but possibly cosmetically flawed. We can guarantee that your ride will perform every bit as well as a brand new eBike, but we can’t necessarily guarantee that the previous guy didn’t put a scratch on one of the parts that we couldn’t machine out without passing the extra cost onto you. We also aren’t able to provide pictures of your eBike beforehand.

The possible risk that your eBike may have some minor cosmetic flaws is really the only conceivable downside to our recertified program — and even that is only a possible risk; your ride may come to you perfectly. Guaranteed function at a better price in exchange for the possibility of a ding somewhere — seems like a risk that’s more than worth taking.

Current Recertified Models

Now that you know how our recertified program works, we want to introduce you to a few models we’re particularly proud of (okay, we think all our products are really awesome, but these are some fan favorites — and it’s our site, so we get to brag a bit). 

EB7: With a high-efficiency 350-watt motor, removable lithium-ion battery and durable 16-inch wheels with dual disc braking, our portable commuter eBike has the power to help you navigate your city in style! A compact foldable frame and lightweight design let you take this bike anywhere, and with max speeds of 18.6 mph for a duration of 15.5 miles on a single charge, no part of your city will be off-limits.

Woman riding the EB7 eBike.
EB7 Electric Bike—a value at any price!

Swagger 5 Elite: Cruise around town or make that last mile of your commute with way more comfort and efficiency using our eScooter models. A 250-watt motor delivers multiple speed profiles, the fastest being 18 mph over an 11-mile distance. This model offers complete app integration, enabling you to control your speed and LED headlight brightness, plan your route via GPS, set to cruise control, and more. It’s smart and stylish — why get around any other way?

Man carrying a folded Swagger 5 Elite eScooter.
The foldable flagship—the Swagger 5 Elite eScooter.

K2 Toddler Scooter: Let your children in on the swag too with our versatile walker-scooter combo. Just twist the handle and listen for the lock, and your tot can switch between a balanced tricycle design and a kick scooter to get around with the rest of the family. And with its carbon steel frame that exceeds ASTM standards, you know it can handle whatever your child dishes out. 

The K2 2-in-1 Toddler Scooter.
You’re never too young to SWAG! The K2 2-in-1 Toddler Scooter.

By now, you’ve seen that whichever product you choose, SWAGTRON has the style, quality, and innovation to get you and your family moving in a whole new way. Going recertified just gives you that much more value by delivering the same quality at a lower price, but if you want that brand new look, you’re welcome to it. Either way, just go for the eBike or eScooter that matches your style, and get your SWAG on!

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