Quick Guide: Unleashing Your EB5 Pro eBike

We built the EB5 Pro eBike to be fun way to get around, to add convenience and value to the typical riding experience. One thing we did not do, was make the EB5 Pro complicated. In fact, the EB5 comes mostly pre-assembled. But there are some steps you need to take before your start having fun.

In the video below, we go over the first things you should do after receiving your EB5 Pro. Unboxing. Assembly. Adjustments. Everything you need to know is covered. There are even some tips on general maintenance and troubleshooting at the end.

First Steps With Your EB5 Pro eBike – Quick Jump

  1. Unfold the Frame
  2. Unfold the Pedals
  3. Remember the Kickstand
  4. Unfold the Handlebar Stem
  5. Find Your Perfect Seat Height
  6. Check Handbrakes and Throttle
  7. Charge the EB5 Pro eBike
  8. Check Tire Inflation
  9. Reminder: Protective Gear
  10. Multiple Riding Modes
  11. Practice, Practice, Practice!
  12. General Maintenance – Tire Inflation
  13. General Maintenance – Brake Adjustments
  14. Troubleshooting – Loosen the Throttle
  15. Troubleshooting – Tighten the Handlebar Stem
  16. Troubleshooting – Tighten the Seat Post
  17. Troubleshooting – Tighten the Seat
  18. Troubleshooting – Tighten the Brakes
  19. What Not to Do – Stunts or Tricks
  20. What Not to Do – Submerge in Water


But remember! Just because we’ve delivered your EB5 Pro, doesn’t mean our relationship is over. We’re known for our world-class customer support, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us via live chat and email if ever you have questions or concerns. Our support team, fully staffed in the U.S., is here to help.

Unboxing & Assembly

As with any delivery, you’ll want to check the box for any visible signs of carrier damage. If you find any, contact us immediately. Our expert team of service specialists will get things squared away.


The EB5 comes mostly preassembled right out the box. So you’ll just need to unfold the frame and the handlebar stem.

The EB5 out of the box, still folded.

Once you’ve unfolded the frame, make sure the frame latch (outlined below in yellow) is secured and locked in place.

Close-up of the EB5 frame lock and latch


To make things as compact as possible, we built the EB5 Pro eBike with foldable pedals. So you’ll need to unfold the pedals next. You may feel some resistance with the pedals, but that’s normal. Don’t worry about using too much force. We built the pedals tough on purpose!

Close-up of guy folding up the EB5 Pro eBike pedals

Hot Tip: When you’re ready to fold down the pedals, remember to push the pedal inward towards the crank first, then fold down.


This is a great time to remind you that the EB5 Pro comes with its own kickstand. Use it for added stability as you perform the rest of these steps.

Close-Up of the EB5 Pro eBike convenient kickstand


When unfolding the handlebar stem, be sure to secure the main latch, then follow-up with the secondary safety latch. Once both latches are secured, you can raise the handlebars. Be sure to pay attention to the minimum insertion safety markings.

Close-up of guy unfolding the EB5 Pro eBike handle stem


From here, you can adjust the seat post to find the seat height that is most comfortable for you. Again, you’ll want to pay attention to the safety markings on the post. For your safety, don’t go beyond these markings.

Close-up of the EB5 Pro seat post clamp and safety markings


Great job! At this point, the assembly is complete. But before you ride, there are some checks you should do. Make sure the handbrakes work when you give them a squeeze. (We’ll have some pointers in the maintenance section of this blog on how to adjust the brakes.) And check that the throttle moves freely when you twist it.

Close-up of guy squeezing hand brakes of his EB5 Pro.

Before You Ride


Assembly is done. Seat is at the perfect height for you. Brakes and throttle work. You’re almost ready for your first ride on your EB5 Pro electric bike. Now it’s time to charge up the battery, which might have been depleted during storage and shipping. Remember to use only the charging supplies sent with your EB5 Pro. If the EB5’s charger is lost, stolen or damaged, give customer service a call. Do not use any charger not supplied to you by SWAGTRON® specifically for use with your EB5 Pro.

The EB5 Pro electric bike, standing on its kickstand while connected to its charger

In general, the EB5 Pro will take four to five hours to fully charge. Your first charge shouldn’t take that long. Fortunately, the charger that will let you know when your EB5 is fully charged and ready to go.

Close-up of the battery indicator light turning green when fully charged.

Remember not to overcharge the battery. Doing so can decrease the lifespan of the battery, making it less efficient as time goes by. Keep a close eye on the battery indicator during the first charge.


Similarly, the air-filled tires of the EB5 Pro may have deflated a bit during transportation. So be sure to check your tire pressure. We recommend inflating your tires to about 45-60 PSI. This is important for maintaining optimal performance. Low tire pressure can result in decreased performance, including reduced speeds and quicker battery life.

Pro-Tip: On days warmer days, when temperatures are higher than 90 degrees, deflate the tires by 2-3 PSI.

Guy inflating the front tire of the EB5 Pro

Riding the EB5 Pro

The battery is charged. The tires are properly inflated. Now it’s time to ride! Right?

Well, almost. There’s one more important thing we need to discuss first . . .


You should always wear protective gear while riding your EB5 Pro. This means age-appropriate elbow and knee pads, and an ATSM-approved helmet. For more information about what to look for in a helmet — and how to get the absolute perfect fit — click here.

Guy tightening his helmet before riding his EB5 Pro eBike


There are three riding modes with the EB5 Pro — throttle-only, pedal-assist and pedal-only.

Under optimal conditions, the EB5 Pro can travel up to 15.5 mile range and reach top speeds of 15 mph on throttle only. This means the 250-watt motor and Li-ion battery are doing all the work. If you want to go farther and faster, you can switch to pedal-assist and add to the power. Or if you want to conserve battery — or just give yourself a good workout — you can turn off the EB5 Pro and pedal like a traditional bicycle. This is perfect for climbing steep hills, or when you just want complete control over how far and how fast you go.

Animated gif of throttle mode versus pedal-assist mode on an eBike


The EB5 Pro is fun to ride. We designed it that way on purposed. But like any vehicle, it requires some skill and, above all, practice. Be sure to read the manual to get accustomed to the controls of your EB5 before your first ride. And practice, practice, practice! Find a semi-secluded spot that’s free from obstacles and heavy foot traffic and get used to your EB5 Pro rides. It’s a compact commuting vehicle, but it’s also a powerhouse!

Man wearing a helmet riding on even pavement on his EB5 Pro

General Maintenance

As with a traditional bicycle, you’ll want to keep up on general maintenance. The EB5 Pro is no different. Here are some tips to help keep your electric bike at peak performance.


Check the tires regularly and inspect for damage. We generally recommend that you check after every two or three round trips or after a long commute. Remember to keep the tire pressure between 45 and 60 PSI, with exceptions given to warmer weather or heavier riders.

Heavier riders, for instance, could increase the tire pressure by two to three PSI.

Close-up of the EB5 Pro front tire with low tire pressure

Pro-Tip: Tire inflation has a direct effect on the performance of your eBike, including top speeds and range-per-charge. So it’s important to find the right PSI. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Read this article about the importance of tire inflation for more info.


As you ride more and more, the brake cable might get stretched. Over time, this will lower the effectiveness of your brakes. But you can easily tighten the hand brake cable tension. This will improve brake reliability and increase response time.

We designed the EB5 Pro to be as easy to maintain as it is to ride. But we understand not everyone feels comfortable with eBike maintenance. If you need assistance finding a local bike mechanic that can handle general maintenance on your EB5 Pro, contact our customer service team and we’ll help you find one.


Here are some troubleshooting tips that might come in handy as you live that #ElectricLife with your EB5 Pro.


If the throttle becomes difficult to twist or feels “stuck,” the hand grips may be too tight. Simply loosen the hand grips a bit and this should ease the throttle enough to twist smoothly again.

Close-up of someone adjusting the twist throttle.


Over time, the clamps on the EB5 Pro electric bike might get a bit loose. But you can easily tighten the latch screws by hand. For example, if you find that the handlebar stem feels wobbly or keeps sliding down, you can tighten the stem’s latch screw just enough to offer some resistance when clamping down.

Close-up of someone tightening the handlebar stem of the EB5 Pro

Careful to avoid over-tightening. The latch should offer some resistance but shouldn’t be impossible to close.


The same simple latch system can be found on the seat post. And you can adjust it the same way if you need to. Again, don’t tighten the latch screw too tight. For your safety, don’t go beyond the safety markings on the post.

Close-up of someone tightening the seat post latch on the EB5 Pro


The seat itself can also get loose over time, especially if you’re riding over uneven pavement a lot. But this is something you can easily correct. With a simple hex key, you can quickly and easily tighten the seat.

Close-up of guy tightening the seat of his EB5 Pro


Over time, the brakes on your EB5 Pro might start “lagging,” meaning, the actual stopping time increases. If this happens, you can tighten the handbrake cable tension, as we mentioned earlier. More times than not, that’s a simple fix that will correct this issue.

Close-up of guy tighening the handbrake of his EB5 Pro eBike

If tightening the handbrake doesn’t help, you can adjust the rear and front brakes directly. Here’s how:

  • Locate the brake cable on the rear brake.
  • Using a pair of pliers, clamp down on the brake wire slack to hold it in place.
  • Use a hex key to loosen the brake cable nut.
  • Pull on the brake wire using the pliers to increase the slack. Careful not to pull too much slack, though.
  • Then tighten the cable nut, then give it a test.

Close-up of guy adjust the rear brakes using a pair of pliers.

What Not to Do


The EB5 Pro is a folding commuter eBike — emphasis on “commuter.” While it provides a thrilling riding experience, it’s not meant for stunts or tricks. You’ll get more out of the EB5 Pro if you stick to level pavement and avoid uneven terrain.

Guy wearing a helmet riding on his EB5 Pro

Looking for an off-road eBike? Give the EB6 and EB8 Fat Tire Electric Bikes a look!


The EB5 Pro is rated IPX4. This means it is splash- and water-resistant. The EB5 Pro can handle some minimal contact with water, but it’s not waterproof. Repeated or significant contact with water can damage the internal components of your electric bike. If it’s raining outside, it’s best to leave your EB5 Pro at home.

Check out our FAQ discussion “Can Electric Bikes Get Wet?” for more on IP ratings and what they mean.

Animated gif of guy drinking water and splashing some on his EB5 Pro

Questions? Contact SWAGTRON®

As always, if you have any questions or issues, you can always reach out to us directly for expedited service. Our team of customer service professionals are available via email, live chat or by phone, and are fully staffed in the U.S.

Close-up of EB5 Pro eBike owner using his smartphone to contact SWAGTRON support

Looking for EB5 Pro Accessories?

You asked for added functionality and convenience with the EB5 Pro. We heard you loud and clear!

We now have a rear cargo bike rack that’s designed specifically for the EB5 Pro.

Grab one here!

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