One Wheel or Two Wheels? Which Hoverboards Are Better?

So you know you want an epic new ride. You’ve narrowed it down to either a one-wheel unicycle, a two-wheel hoverboard, or a time-traveling spaceship, but you’re still not quite sure which one is the best choice. We get it. We’ve all been there.

The truth is that there really isn’t a singular “best choice” that’s right for everyone. So, let’s get right into it and see which one might be best for you.


Unicycles are glorious. The dream ride of circus folk far-and-wide. And it might look strange to see someone having fun on a traditional unicycle. But these days, modern electric unicycles, such as the swagROLLER from SWAGTRON®, offer an impressive array of integrated modern tech and safety features. Thanks to SWAGTRON, we can all take a turn feeling like a star. 


The days of losing your balance on an old-fashioned unicycle are gone. New cutting-edge technology (well, first developed in 1852) helps ensure electric unicycles are self-balancing. And, to be fair, this same technology is present in the two-wheeled self-balancing boards too. But it’s particularly important with the swagROLLER. Onboard gyroscope systems help you balance, which has long been the bane of otherwise would-be unicycle aficionados. In fact, the swagROLLER can even help you maintain balance on inclines of up to 15 degrees, even for folks up to 264 lb.


One area in which unicycles win out over hoverboards is agility. When you’re out turning heads on a brand new one-wheel unicycle or a lit new two-wheel hoverbike, life is sure to throw some obstacles your way. Potholes, cracks in the sidewalk, dog poop—these things exist, and being able to avoid them when they jump out in front of you at the last minute is pretty cool. Not to mention unicycles can spin around 360 degrees on the spot, something which hoverboards don’t often achieve. Simply put, you can maneuver more precisely on a unicycle than you can on a hoverboard. One thing to note is that there is a steeper learning curve when it comes to riding a unicycle than there is with a hoverboard. If you’ve never ridden a unicycle before, then you probably won’t be a master on your first try. But, the time you spend learning will be both fun and rewarding.


Have swagROLLER, Will Travel When you’re ready to take a break, fold in the footrests, pull out the carry handle and take your electric unicycle for a walk. It’s just as easy as roller bags at the airport. Stored neatly under a desk or in your car trunk, and the swagROLLER will be within easy reach for your next ride. Of course, the swagROLLER is fully equipped with abundant swag. From colored LEDs to Bluetooth connectivity, you won’t be just showing off your skills when you go zooming by. Get ready, swag$ is coming!


For those who need to carry books, heavy shopping and other weighty items, hoverboards are the epic mount of choice across the realm. With two wheels spaced apart, hoverboards are easier to learn and offer increased stability, especially when not in motion. You’ll be able to get enjoyment out of your new ride right from day one. 


Like the swagROLLER, electric hoverboards from SWAGTRON have a heightened cool factor. Sweet newer models, such as the SWAGBOARD Warrior XL, come equipped with a built-in smart LED light system, which uses next-level tech to sync with your favorite playlist. The ability to connect via Bluetooth and stream your favorite music while you ride is a huge plus, and the lights just add a wow factor that is sure to impress most humans—and even a few animals.


Battery technology has continued to improve, with quicker-charging, longer-lasting options available on the market. The LiFePO4 batteries installed on some newer SWAGTRON models can keep rocking mile after mile for up to 10 miles on a single charge. That’s enough to go five miles twice, or two miles five times in a row, without needing to stop and charge once. Let’s not get caught up on the math. They last a long time, which means you’ll be having a blast all day.  Watch our video about our safest battery yet—the LiFePo™ battery. (Trust us, it’s a fun video!) It really just comes down to personal preference. Electric unicycles are sweet. They offer increased agility and maneuverability but require a bit more time to learn to ride and get used to. Electric hoverboards are equally just as awesome. What they lack in agility they more than make up for in stability, tech features and ease of riding.  The best choice is, of course, to get both. The experience of riding each is totally different, and both are sure to excite and amaze. If you have to pick just one, then consider the features above and trust your gut.   Whether you choose the electric unicycle or the electric hoverboard, you’ll have chosen correctly.   

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