Monthly Review Roundup: Top 3 Customer Reviews of May

We collected some of our favorite electric bike reviews during the month of May. We want to give a shoutout to our enthusiastic customers for taking the time and care to demonstrate best practices and fun uses for our favorite rideables. Check out our top 3 for this month.


12 minutes

We were excited to find SoChrisP’s fun-loving electric bike review of the SwagCycle. ChrisP shows the unboxing of the SwagCycle electric bike and reviews some of its features. His seemingly permanent smile is definitely infectious and he brightened our day here at Swag headquarters.

ChrisP unboxes and shows a close-up of all parts that are included including the charger and foot pegs. It arrives pre-assembled with only minimal assembly required to add on the front pegs that are used in place of the foot pedals. He shows that the front handle bar is intuitive and easily props up for riding mode and mentions that the kickstand is “small and classy”. Thanks, ChrisP. We think so, too.

ChrisP’s edit-free footage of unboxing to complete assembly was finished by the 7:29 portion of the video—that’s how easy it is! After the 5 hours required for the initial charge, he and his permanent smile were ready to roll around the house showing the smooth-handling ride. Even our included horn got its enjoyable 15 minutes of fame. Thanks for the SwagCycle electric bike review, SoChrisP!


8 minutes

Reempire888 takes the reigns on the most in-depth SwagCycle electric bike review. He goes over every detail of the SwagCycle and offers some tips and tricks to get the most out of your ride. It’s basically a video product manual.

Reempire888 demonstrates every feature from the hardware itself to the bells and whistles. You can see how detailed the brake system is as it’s equipped with a dual front/rear brakes and a red, brake light indicator. Check out his close-ups of the battery and charging port at 5:20 where he shows a closeup of the mini-USB port for mobile phone charging on the go. We especially appreciate his cautionary mentions of rider weight and steep incline limitations for folks in hilly places.

If you want to see the details inside the SwagCycle, check out Reempire888’s electric bike review. It only takes him 8 minutes to uncover all the awesome features built in to your ride. Thanks, Reempire888!


3 minutes

This month, we wanted to give a special mention to SwaggyOwl and his review of the Swagtron T3. While we know this is not an electric bike review, we are very impressed with his clever use of a green screen. SwaggyOwl is basically our favorite new broadcaster of all things Swag.

SwaggyOwl combines the features of the T3 with actual footage of him riding during the day and night. You will be super familiar with many details of your hands-free hoverboard riding experience from Bluetooth speakers to best practices for easy use. Our favorite part was seeing the LED light show during the nighttime demo portion. It’s definitely worth a look!

Thanks, SwaggyOwl! Did we mention we love your name?

Well okay guys, that’s all we have this month for the monthly roundup. Remember to check out our line of electric bikes here! Until next month!

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