Introducing: World’s First Miniature Hoverboard by Swagtron

Finally – The Hoverboard Deck You’ve Been Waiting For!

Ever been riding your regular, old fingerboard around your desk – sighed wearily –  and thought to yourself, “Man, if only there was something cooler, like a fingerhoverboard?”

Well, take the tedious part of your day and throw it out the window with SWAGTRON’s all new finger hoverboard deck!

Feel like one of the cool kids on top of your own tiny hoverboard. Choose from any of our real-life models, downsized to fit your fingers!

The best part? They are real, working hoverboards with our same SWAGTRON electric motors, lights, speakers, and contain all of the same features!!

Choose from any of our larger models scaled down for your fingers.

Get your digits gliding on a mini-T3 completed with lights and Bluetooth speakers. Or treat yourself to the sporty T6, still able to off-road it on your desk over those chunky coffee cake crumbs.

Each one comes complete with real hoverboard signature SWAGTRON responsive footpads and real SWAGTRON company graphics. Not only that, but you get a mini charger that plugs into any USB square – use your phone charger to juice up your finger hoverboard.

With a variety of models, colors, and designs, you’ll want to collect ALL of them.

Pre-sale for these exclusive items starts tonight—and while these bad boys are mini, their prices are not. Be prepared to shell out, go big or go home, and break the bank. These tiny decks are selling for twice the price as their larger counterparts!!

1. The mini T3 is priced at $800.

2. The sleek and small T5 goes for $500.

3. The tiny T6 can be purchased for a mere $900.

To mark the momentous release of a miracle in modern mini technology, SWAGTRON celebrated by creating a brand-new trailer teasing all of the amazing things you can do with these fingerboards…

Not convinced? Watch below to see never-before-premiered in America, exclusive film shot, written, and edited by Gaston LeDubois – ten-time recipient of the Cesar Award for Best Director and Best Film (Think the Oscars, but French). The film, titled Le Petit Hoverboard: Les Aventures Commencent Par Tes Doigts, has received critical acclaim, and went on to be a cult classic in Austin and Portland, with an annual film festival hosted in Denver called “Hardcore Hoverboard Noir Night.”

Pre-order for these limited edition, exclusive SWAGTRON tiny hoverboards begins at midnight tonight. Don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of history.

Have a wipe out on your desk? No problem! Each part is replicable for order through the SWAGTRON website. Ride with a sense of ease.

And remember, always wear your wrist guards!!

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