Is It Worth Buying A Campus eScooter?

When students return to sprawling campuses, they often face a common college issue: parking. No matter how big or small the institution may be, there never seems to be enough parking, especially where students are concerned. Fall and spring seasons still net high temperatures in many areas of the country, so hoofing it hardly seems an option.

A bike is a good idea if you don’t mind putting in some physical effort. But if you’re not up for the added exertion and still need to get clear across campus, you might consider a campus electric scooter. These scooters are easy to use, portable and a great investment for years spent traversing campus spaces. If you remain unconvinced, check out these benefits that might sway your decision.

Split image of college student with his Swagger 5 Elite and the Swagger 5 app.
The app-enabled Swagger 5 Elite eScooter—perfect for campus riding!

Go Green

Campus eScooters are environmentally friendly, especially if you generally drive to get from one point to another. So, you’re not only saving gas but also helping reduce your carbon footprint. Sustainability has become increasingly important given climate change, so using an eScooter over your car is your chance to contribute to the cause.

Save a Few Bucks

The phrase “broke college student” is not a myth. Pinching pennies is a rite of passage during collegiate years. Chances are if you do have a car, filling the tank and buying replacement tires are not in your budget. Bikes can be super expensive these days as well and, with so many bells and whistles, costly to maintain. An investment in a campus electric scooter is a way to get around using a reliable form of transportation while still pinching pennies for late-night pizza runs.

Campus eScooters Are Easy to Store

Maybe you are worried about what to do with your scooter when you arrive to class? This is one of the best parts about eScooters – they are super portable. A good example of this is the SWAGTRON® Swagger 5 Elite, which folds up in just three quick steps. You can easily carry your scooter into class with you, fold it up so it takes up less space on the bus, and throw it in the trunk of a friend’s car if you get a lift home. If you don’t want to fold your scooter, feel free to lock it up the same way you would a bike. It really is the ideal solution in terms of how easy it is to take about on campus — without the hassle of finding that parking space.

Close-up of the Swagger 5 Elite folding and locking into place.
SWAGTRON LIVE host, David, demonstrating how to fold the Swagger 5 Elite.

eScooter Designs Are Super Sleek

You might be concerned about pulling up to class on an electric scooter looking like a tourist on a Segway. Never fear – today’s eScooters look sleek, sophisticated and stylish. The SWAGTRON® Swagger 5 Elite comes in all black with a minimalist design that conveys cool and collected. Nothing touristy about that. The beauty of such a sleek and sophisticated design is that you can make of it whatever you want.

Will Ferrell riding a Swagger 5 Elite in a scene from "Between Two Ferns: The Movie"
So cool, in fact, that Will Ferrell rode one in the Netflix’s “Between Two Ferns: The Movie”.

Save a Ton on Rideshares

Even if you have no problem getting from class to class, chances are you’ll have a hankering for a late-night snack at some point or want to head to the library for a study session. If you’ve had a long day, you won’t want to walk. Or perhaps you want to get together with friends, but their dorms are clear across campus.

This is where a rideshare might come in, but let’s face it — that’s a pretty costly option. Between the cost of the ride and the tip expected at the end, you may end up busting your budget after just a couple of rides. And if you call during peak hours, a rideshare can cost a mint. It’s so much easier to hop on your electric scooter and get where you need to go quickly without relying on Uber. 

Electric scooters are easy to use, portable and a great investment for years spent traversing campus spaces.
Zipping from class to class couldn’t be easier—or cooler!

Electric Scooters Are Easy to Maintain

As a busy college student, chances are you have plenty to get done in a day. From studying for exams and writing papers to keeping your on-campus dorm or apartment clean, you don’t want to deal with something that takes a lot of work to maintain. After all, if you had that kind of time and money, you would put it into a car. An electric scooter is so much easier: wipe it down, charge the battery and stow it when you are not using it. It really is that simple.

Now if only it could help you ace that test . . .

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