How to ride the SwagCycle electric bike

Ready to learn how to ride an electric bicycle?

Whether you’re looking to cruise around town, or for a solution to cover that last mile from the subway to work; the SwagCycle e-bike is the way to go. Featuring LED headlights, an electronic horn, battery indicators as well as a 250-watt motor, the SwagCycle serves as a fast, eco-friendly and sleek transportation option for riders who are looking to get where they want to go in style.

Here’s a quick and easy guide for how to get up and go on your SwagCycle.

How to Set Up Your SwagCycle

First, ensure that your electric bicycle is fully charged and ready to go. The SwagCycle connects to a regular wall outlet using a charger, and charges in just 2.5- 4 hours.

After the electric bike has been charged, be sure to lift the stem up in the event that it has been folded down. One of the unique features is the compact folding design making it convenient for storage.  In order to lift the stem, first pull the handlebar stem upright, and fold up the latch to secure it. You should hear an audible clink as the motorized bicycle locks into place.

Once the stem is set up, you’re almost ready to start riding.

How to Ride your SwagCycle

Just like riding a bicycle, it’s highly recommended that you wear a helmet when you ride, especially since the SwagCycle can reach speeds of up to 15mph. To turn on the motorized bike, go over to the left handle bar button, and switch the power button onto the on position. And just like that, your SwagCycle is ready to ride. To accelerate, simply turn the right-hand throttle, while using any of the brakes located on the handlebars to slow down.

Just remember these 4 easy steps:

  1. Be cautious – put on a helmet!
  2. Disengage the kickstand
  3. Move power switch to “on”
  4. Hit the throttle and go!
SwagCycle E-bike
Don’t forget to disengage the kick-stand!


For first time riders, it’s recommended that you accelerate slowly before moving forward, the powerful engine can cause you to lose your balance if you’re not ready for the initial kick.

Now you know how to ride the SwagCycle, so you can experience the revolution in personal transportation! Enjoy speeding up to 15mph for a distance of 15 miles as you turn heads on the stylish and compact SwagCycle e-bike from SWAGTRON.

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