Hoverboard at trampoline park

What happens when you mix hoverboards and a trampoline park?!

It’s not grown up. It’s not sophisticated! It is however, rather leading edge.

Take one indoor trampoline park, add kids with hoverboards!

Far beyond that idea of kid’s crawling along the home driveway or around a nearby empty parking lot, here is a video of an indoor trampoline park full of kids and their hoverboards going all out.

With the rise in popularity of the hoverboard, the category has grown so large to the point there are now hoverboard parks designed and designated specifically for them, and they are thriving. But this video takes a different twist of combining the speed of a hoverboard to launch the young riders into the trampolines at an indoor trampoline park.

It just goes to show how big hoverboarding has become, and like any popular trend people will find a unique way to push the limits. The bright lights and colors colors compliment the excitement and joy of the young kids flipping about.

Evolving from the novelty of the original sidewalk cruisers, rideables are rapidly going to new levels of creativity and experimentation. They are now something akin riding a gymnast’s balance beam, if you really know what you’re doing. Amazing new tricks are popping up here and there. Combining the hoverboard with a skatepark or any other indoor facility is genius. Luckily SWAGTRON is keeping up with trend, innovating new versions of the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter with stronger frames and more features.

With lighted indoor skate parks, the night comes alive anytime. Yes, there are now hover parks and the amazing things the riders perform will astonish and inspire you. But, for now, just enjoy the exuberance of the kids in this video.

The old idea of just banging about the skateboard park is now looking a bit old and out of date. These new SWAGTRONs add a whole new dimension that everyone and every age can enjoy.

What’s next in the world of hoverboarding? That’s up to you! Send us your rideable videos and photos via social media for a chance to be featured on our blog and social media accounts.





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