H8 Cancer on Giving Tuesday

Join SWAGTRON for a Little H8 this Holiday Season and Give Back to the Fight Against Cancer.

TLDR:  In honor of #GIVINGTUESDAY, SWAGTRON is encouraging YOU to H8 Cancer. It’s easy. Anyone looking to take advantage of our extended Cyber Week pricing can purchase through H8 Cancer Racing’s donor link, and 5 percent of your purchase will support the H8 Cancer Foundation’s efforts of cancer research and awareness. 

H8 Cancer Racing SWAGTRON donor link: https://swagtron.com/h8cancer

There’s fast, and then there’s jet-powered, hydroplane-boat racing fast. Since we haven’t heard about any electric scooter or ebike racing teams that are fighting cancer, SWAGTRON proudly supports H8 Cancer Racing. They are hydroplane and speedboat champions, and they raise awareness for the fight against cancer through the H8 Cancer Foundation. Color us impressed.  


When not piloting race-winning boats like the Grand Prix boat powered by a 454 big block up to 160 mph across the water, the H8 Cancer Team uses compact and efficient SWAGTRON electric bikes to navigate the race pits.

In honor of #GIVINGTUESDAY, we got in touch with H8 Cancer Racing’s Brandon Kennedy to chat about the team’s mission, why they chose to work with the H8 Cancer Foundation, their partnership with SWAGTRON and how collectively we can help END CANCER.

Here’s what Brandon had to say:

How and why was H8 Cancer Racing started? What made you decide to support the foundation and name your team after it?

BK: H8 Cancer Racing was founded upon the idea of using the sport of hydroplane racing as a vessel to garner attention and support for DNA based cancer research. Specifically, we race in support of the research being conducted by Dr. Simeon Jaggernauth and the H8 Cancer Foundation. Our hope is that through this research, outcomes and odds will be improved and that eventually cancer will be cured. We want survivor stories to be the norm, not the rarity. Dr. Jag and his team have already made great strides and have improved the outcomes and lives of many victims of this horrible, hated disease. Thinking about how many people are suffering or have lost their lives to cancer, how many friends, family members and loved ones have been taken from us before their time, we must do all that we can to bring an end to this monster. That is our mission. End Cancer. End the suffering. We can only do that through research and with the support of our fans, our allies against cancer. Each one of you that likes our page, spreads the word, and donates to our cause no matter how large or small the donation, you are all heroes and we thank you for your support. Together we can END CANCER.

How did you discover SWAGTRON? How have our electric bikes been useful for you and the team?

BK: A friend of ours, Bobby King, had one at the first race this season, and we knew this was an awesome way to get around at the races. So, we got a couple ourselves and made our trips around the pits or to the camper much easier. Especially for my grandfather George Kennedy Sr, who is battling cancer himself and did not want to ride a scooter chair. He wanted to be hip and cool and ride a Swagcycle!

If you hate cancer, please visit us through the H8 Cancer Racing donor link (https://swagtron.com/h8cancer).

Once you click the link, 5 percent of any purchase you make will automatically be donated to the H8 Cancer Foundation. You get the same great price. We give back.

Tweet it, share it, like it, write it down, type it into your browser—however you decide to get in the fight is OK with us.

Sometimes, it’s cool to H8.


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