What should I get my boyfriend for Valentines Day?

What do you give a man who has everything (and by everything, I mean me)

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t even thought of what to buy for your significant other-until right now.
After hours of google-searching and pinterest-ing, I just couldn’t find anything that my boyfriend would like that he doesn’t have already.
My boyfriend is a total tech nerd, so I tried searching for gadgets and toys that are not totally boring and won’t break the bank. Nothing really stood out to me that he would actually enjoy or use on a daily basis. My boyfriend is pretty minimalist, so he only keeps what he considers “essential.”
When I started thinking of something I could get him for outside, it hit me. He always complains about how long the walk to campus is or how crowded the bus is, so I thought of the perfect solution: electric rideable.

He was a skater boy, I said see ya later boy

My boyfriend was an avid longboard rider a couple years ago, but gradually stopped using it. I remember he loved riding but I think eventually he just stopped because it wasn’t substantially decreasing the amount of effort it took as opposed to just walking to campus.
Since he is such a tech nerd, I know he’s going to love the idea of a board that is electric (aka that does the work for him). Now he won’t have to kick his board along, and it will make the commute so much easier for him.

After evaluating my options, I think the hoverboard is the most high-tech (futuristic AF) option. The Swagtron T580 was the most affordable hoverboard I found with some pretty cool features I know my boyfriend is gonna think are awesome. The dual battery is 150W and can go up to 8 miles on a charge. Also it can hold up to 220 lbs (my boyfriend is kinda a bigger guy so this was important). And not to mention- it’s bluetooth pairable??? The future is now!

Anyways, I just ordered him a red one and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he opens it up. Keep y’all posted for his reaction!

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