FEATURED IN FORBES: SWAGTRON Talks Micro-Mobility, Access and Ownership

As light electric vehicles become more readily available and affordable, the need for car ownership in urban centers around the country declines and the conversation heats up around micro mobility. There are more options for personal transportation now than perhaps ever before, and electric scooters and e-bikes seem to be leading the charge—pun intended.


SWAGTRON sat down recently with Forbes to discuss the past, present and future of personal transportation, how access has changed over time and the benefits of owning vs. renting when it comes to electric bikes and e-scooters.

“Long-term, I think we’ll see changes in infrastructure on a larger scale to address other emerging technologies like self-driving cars. Suddenly the very thing that cities, roads, traffic systems and even shopping centers have been designed around for so long is going to shift radically. And with that, we hope to see changes to accommodate LEVs and other alternative transportation, much like bike lanes we see currently, but on a larger scale. There is huge opportunity for everything to be much more integrated. From making it easier to use public transportation like buses and trains with last-mile vehicles, to public charging stations. But those changes won’t happen overnight.”

Read the full article on Forbes.com.

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