The Ellen DeGeneres Show Gifts SWAGTRON Electric Skateboards

The holiday in-studio crowd went absolutely wild with excitement when Ellen DeGeneres announced at the start of her December 14th show that The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s 12 days of Christmas had been extended an extra day! Giant gift boxes were rolled out with the promise that everyone in the audience would receive the carefully selected item hidden within. Ellen and her producers undoubtedly looked over dozens of products, services and outings to offer that would delight the audience and positively impact the viewing and Christmas buying public.

As the boxes were opened and revealed there were various gifts ranging from a trip to Legoland® and Lego® toys, a $200 gift card to Forever 21® stores, and even a trip to the spa! The crowd proved duly appreciative.

However, the final gift given to the audience, among the other valuable prizes, turned out to be the SWAGTRON Swagboard electric motorized skateboard. Barely audible above the happily screaming crowd, Ellen struggled to tell the studio and home viewers that the SWAGTRON Swagboard is the hottest technology in personal transporters, and that this classic style longboard has an 11 mile range and rolls at 11 miles per hour.

As she spoke, the electric skateboard was dramatically showcased by a giant dancing reindeer who careened from off stage on a Swagboard and zipped across the length of the stage set. The crowd was on their feet in excited cheers!

Ellen noted that the Swagboard is the next generation of electric skateboards. The electric skateboard proved impressive enough to be a highlight on the nationally syndicated The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Making the SWAGTRON Swagboard one of the hottest gifts of this holiday season!

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