“Powerless” Star Vanessa Hudgens gets her Swagger on with Ellen

Vanessa Hudgens Gets The Gift She Always Wanted On The Ellen DeGeneres Show: A Swagger Electronic Scooter

Vanessa Hudgens paid a visit to our favorite talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the two caught up after three years. During their chat, they talked about Hudgens’ newest foray into TV with DC’s Powerless, as well as Hudgens’ flair for finding the perfect outfit for Coachella. Ellen even went as far as to donate her very own floral ensemble to Hudgens, complete with a burgundy, floppy hat decked out in fake flowers and a large, white print reading clearly, “ELLEN.”

It was cute, everyone laughed. But Ellen wasn’t done. Guests of her show have discovered how incredibly generous her gift giving can be.

“I got you something that will help you get around on the lot,” Ellen said, referring back to Hudgens’ upcoming television show.

To Hudgens’ shock and elation, one of Ellen’s stage assistants zipped out riding on SWAGTRON’s electric scooter, Swagger, covered from top to bottom in glittering silver and pink rhinestones. The scooter was additionally dressed up with a sign up-front saying “Ellen is my co-pilot!” and a small flag sticking up at the back.

“I’ve wanted one of these!” Hudgens exclaimed.

“Well, now you have one,” Ellen stated, matter-of-factly.

Swagger, the best electric scooter for that last mile solution

The Swagger scooter is well-known for being the eco-friendly whip. Reaching up to 15 miles per hour and able to take you up to 15 miles of range, this scooter is perfect for anyone looking to take their carbon footprint out of their commute.

The backlit LED screen tells you everything – your speed, battery life, and enables you to switch gears and kick it into cruise control for those familiar routes.

A carbon-fiber folding frame makes for light carrying and east storage, meaning the Swagger is a fun and compact commenting companion for that “last mile” from the train station to work.

Anyone who hops abroad any of our boards, bikes, or scooters quickly discovers what the hype is all about – that hitting the throttle of our electronic rideables is straight up addicting.

This isn’t the first time The Ellen DeGeneres Show has given the gift of a SWAGTRON whip before. During her 13 Days of Christmas this past holiday season, Ellen gave an entire fleet of Swaggers away to her audience.

Back in the day, she gave one of our best-selling hoverboards to hip-hop heartthrob, Justin Bieber. Bieber made quick work of proving his proficiency with the board, showboating his skills to the audience.

Thanks for the shout out, Ellen! We love what you do.


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