Electric Skateboard Gift Ideas From SWAGTRON

There’s no denying that skateboarding continues to be a pastime — and a sport — that leapfrogs generations. It’s an evergreen of cool. Younger kids who love to skate grow up to be older kids-at-heart who still love to skate. Maybe you’re shopping for a loved one who fits this description. Or maybe you’re the fit. Either way, going electric could be the perfect holiday gift. Fortunately, SWAGTRON® produces some of the best electric skateboards on the market.

Things to Consider with Electric Skateboards

When looking to buy the best e-skateboards, there are some things to remember.

Intention & Use

“Why am I getting an electric skateboard?”

It’s a given that your first answer is, “To ride it.” Of course, you’re going to ride an electric skateboard. You’re not getting one just to look at it on a mantle. But how will you ride it?

Is it just for weekend adventures at the park? Do you also want it to help ease the burden of daily commutes? (An electric skateboard is a fantastic way to get around on campus, after all!)

Understanding your purpose for getting an e-board brings you one step closer to finding that mint electric skateboard that checks all the boxes that you need it to.


Value goes beyond price. It’s more about everything that you’re getting for the money you’re spending. Does the electric skateboard have everything you need and want? Do they offer any additional features that surprised you? Something that makes the board easier to ride, more fun ride? Better to ride?

It’s easy to play the Spec-Game™ when shopping for any rideable.

“Product X goes up to 15 miles per hour!” — Great. How dependable is its stopping?

“But product Y has an app!” — Okay. Is it designed well? Easy to use?

“Well, Product Z can go 12 miles on a single charge!” — That’s nice. Is the battery UL-certified? Will it take 10 hours to fully charge?

The real value of a product often shows up in unexpected ways, after a period of use. And it’s usually with features that you didn’t even think you needed but find that you simply can’t live without.


Look, an electric skateboard is going to be heavier than a regular skateboard. There’s no way around this. The electric skateboard features a battery that powers a motor, as well as circuitry that connects everything together. Look at the board you’re thinking of getting. How much does it weigh? Is that something you can carry when you’re not riding? Is it easily to take on a bus or carry down your school corridor?

No Stunts!

Electric skateboards aren’t made for stunts. Although we build our boards with a keen eye for durability with all components, from the deck to the battery, it goes without saying that you’re still riding on a board with a motor and a significant power source. Doing tricks and stunts on a half-pike with an electric skateboard simply isn’t the thing to do. (But check out some of our stunt scooters, if tricks are your bag!)

Gal riding down boardwalk on her Swagskate NG1

How Can I Make an Electric Skateboard at Home?

You can totally make your own DIY e-skateboard. It’s pretty easy:

  1. Point your browser to www.swagtron.com
  2. Search “electric skateboard”
  3. Find the one you want, add to card – hurrah!

Okay, we kid. But seriously, converting a regular skateboard into an electric skateboard is actually quite a long, laborious process. Even with a DIY conversion kit. The time you would spend trying to attach a motor and electrify your board — without electrifying yourself — could be spend enjoying your board and shredding pavement.

And with that . . .

SWAGTRON® Electric Skateboards

More Than the Basics — Swagskate Classic NG1 Longboard

This is our O.G. electric longboard — the original. We took everything we learned designing industry-leading e-scooters and hoverboards and applied it to the Classic NG1. It’s a simple, high-powered e-skateboard that’s best suited for riders who want a simple way to shred the pavement.

The 24V Li-On Fe battery is more than just UL-certified. Its fully reinforced with patented SentryShield technology for extra multilayered protection, and a battery management system for enhanced efficiency. You’ll really see this enhancement in the performance:

  • ✔ Charging Time: 90-120 minutes
  • ✔ Travel Time per Charge: 10 miles
  • ✔ Max. Speed: 11 mph

And the deck is built with seven layers of solid Canadian maple wood, designed for smooth riding with enhanced stability. It supports riders up to 176 pounds.

The NG1 Classic is perfect for students and commuters, or anyone wanting a no-nonsense way to get around. But it’s more than your basic e-board. It comes with a wireless handheld remote for more control over speed and braking, as well as engaging cruise control.

Guy riding Swagskate NG1 Electric Skateboard

Beyond Electric, Powered By A.I — The Spectra Series

The Classic NG1 is no slouch in the power department. But sometimes, you want more. That’s why we created the Spectra Series. We needed to bring to market something that would be more than just a skateboard, electric or otherwise. Instead, we wanted something that would become an extension of the rider. How could we do that? Through a synthesis of machine learning and artificial intelligence, ultimately controlled by you in a completely new way through a unique 3D Posture Control System integrated into the board’s deck.

We have three Spectra Models to fit your budget — Pro, Advanced and Mini. Each model features the same A.I. technology and offers a slightly similar riding experience. And all three models use a hassle-free MagCharger instead of the complicated charging cables found on other models. Just snap the MagCharger on to the charging port and you’re ready to roll in no time.

Close up of magnetic MagCharger on the Spectra Advanced e-Board

With all three models, you’ll have access to the eBOARD GO app, compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Easy to use with a clean, no-nonsense design, the eBOARD GO app unlocks enhanced features, including the ability to control your Spectra electric skateboard through your smartphone, just like a remote-controlled car. But the app is more than a remote. Use the app to monitor speed, distance traveled, and battery life. Connect with other Spectra riders, share your riding paths. You can even lock down your Spectra through the app for theft protection.

Close up of eBOARD GO app and guy on Spectra Pro

Each Spectra model rides incredibly smoothly — whether you’re on full electric power, or on foot power (on those days you feel like keeping things old-school). The Spectra fleet of A.I.-powered electric skateboards has been crafted to work with practically any lifestyle. Never show up to work drenched in sweat. Finally make it to class all the way across campus with time to spare. And all while looking good doing it.

So which one is right for you?

Here . . . you decide:

Fleet of Spectra A.I.-powered e-skateboards

Spectra Pro Electric Skateboard Board

The Spectra Pro is the world’s first electric penny board to feature A.I. technology that learns and adjusts to your riding style. The Spectra uses integrated SenDeck technology built into the board’s deck. These five smart sensors enable Spectra’s 3D Posture Control System and an intelligent algorithm analyzes how you ride and adjust accordingly. There is also turning assist that ensures swifter, smoother turns every time. The final result? A near flawless performance and unparalleled coordination between you and your board — even if you have little to no riding experience. Our SenDeck technology truly lets you cruise around on a skateboard like you never have before.

But the Spectra Pro isn’t all smarts. It’s also built like a tank, with a space-grade carbon fiber unibody that’s durable, yet lightweight. The Pro can support up to 187.4 lbs, weighs just 12.5 lbs and can easily fit inside a standard backpack. And, there’s no other way to say it: The Spectra Pro just looks cool! A sleek design, LED headlights that double as an always-on battery indicator, comfortable deck — this alone would make the Pro a killer holiday gift.

We couldn’t just stop there.

The Spectra Pro is the only eBoard in the world fitted with the smallest ABS braking module, the MagBrake. This specially designed electromagnetic dual disc braking system shortens the braking distance by up to 47%. Step off the board, the Spectra Pro automatically stops. Beyond its reliable stopping power, the Pro also uses regenerative braking. While you ride and brake, kinetic energy is converted into electric energy and is fed back to the battery, making it super-efficient.

  • ✔ Charging Time: 90-120 minutes
  • ✔ Travel Time per Charge: 12.4 miles
  • ✔ Max. Speed: 15.5 mph
  • ✔ Max. Incline: 27% (15.1°)

Close up of guy riding Spectra Pro electric skateboard

Spectra Advanced Electric Skateboard

Like the Pro, the Spectra Advanced uses the same uniquely intelligent 3D posture control system, thanks to five pressure and gyroscopic sensors built into the board’s deck. As you ride, the A.I. takes the data from those sensors and “learns” your body’s movements and riding style. This lets you create a truly tailored, hands-free riding experience with minimal effort — and no remote control.

The Spectra Advanced electric skateboard has all the features of its Pro brother — including the sleek design, hassle-free MagCharger and access to the eBOARD GO app. The only the missing from the Spectra Advance is the MagBrakes. Even still, the Advanced rocks dual regenerative hub motors for a quiet, smooth and efficient experience. Any downhill rides or deceleration converts kinetic energy into electric power and sends it back to the battery. But even without the regenerative braking, the Advanced is equipped with an intelligent battery system that monitors each individual battery cell to ensure even power distribution. The battery runs far more efficiently than similarly priced eBoards, letting you play longer and farther.

  • ✔ Charging Time: 90-120 minutes
  • ✔ Travel Time per Charge: 12.4 miles
  • ✔ Max. Speed: 15.5 mph
  • ✔ Max. Incline: 27% (15.1°)

Spectra Mini Electric Skateboard

The baby of the bunch. But don’t let its compact size fool you. There’s plenty power and state-of-the-art features to enjoy. The Spectra Mini features the same A.I. learning system, 3D posture control, no-fuss MagCharger and iOS/Android app integration as the other Spectra models. Only its built with a 23-inch maple board that makes it extremely light and portable while maintaining a high degree of durability. It supports a 180-pound weight capacity and only weighs around nine pounds.

  • ✔ Charging Time: 22-30 minutes
  • ✔ Travel Time per Charge: 5.6 miles
  • ✔ Max. Speed: 9.3 mph
  • ✔ Max. Incline: 12.5% (7.1°)

Close up of woman low-riding on her Spectra Mini E-Board

More Than a Product

High quality build. In-demand features. Competitive prices. These define the SWAGTRON® value. On their own, they would be reason enough to buy direct from Swagtron. But there’s more.

But when you buy from Swagtron, you’re not just buying a product. You’re buying an experience. One that includes:

  • Free shipping on all orders shipped to the contiguous U.S. states.
  • Optional easy-pay installment plans through Affirm.
  • Gold standard customer service team, fully staffed in the U.S.
  • Best-in-class 1-Year Limited Warranty on all new products.
  • Extended holiday return policy: through January 31, 2019.

A Reminder About Safety Gear

Whether you’re our original Classic NG1 electric longboard or going all-in on an A.I. future with the Spectra series, you’re going to have fun. That’s a given. Riding a SWAGTRON® electric skateboard will be an exhilarating, exciting and empowering experience. However, you should remember to only ride where permitted by law and never ride without protective gear. That means knee and elbow pads and an ASTM F1492-certified helmet. If you’re grabbing one of our eBoards as a holiday gift for yourself or a loved one, be sure to throw some safety gear in the mix.

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