Monthly Review Roundup: Top 3 SwagCycle Review of April

It’s the end of the month, which means we’re doing our regular REVIEW ROUND UP! (Check out our ‘How to Ride an Electric Ebike’ Guide)!


Q: What is the monthly Review Round Up?

A: For those not in the know, this is our comprehensive compendium of some of the latest and greatest SWAGTRON product reviews made by our real-life riders out there gliding and carving in the street.

We collect and watch these videos as much as we can and want to give our riders a well-deserved shout out, as well as give you the best and most honest reviews of our rideables. So, think of these as the SWAGTRON’s Greatest Hits album…only you won’t be lame for calling this your favorite album.

Q: How does it work?

A: Call us narcissistic, but we love watching videos about us. Okay, scratch that. What we really love is watching videos about OUR RIDERS. And we really love hearing what our riders have to say. So, we take all the videos about us and pick three of the best for your viewing pleasure.

Without further to-do, let’s watch some choice reviews!

This month’s theme is the SWAGCYCLE!

Whether you’re looking to maximize your short commute or minimize your carbon footprint, the Swagcycle foldable electric bike is the perfect last mile commute solution. With a max speed of 10 – 18 mph, this electric bike can take you up to 10 miles on a single charge. And because of its rechargeable battery, this whip is eco-friendly with zero emissions! Guilt free personal transportation.

But enough about what we think, let’s see what our Review Riders had to say.

First up to the plate: Essence U.G.P. Reviews – Review HD

Essence put together an extremely comprehensive review of our Swagcycle. He gives you the most thorough run-down we’ve seen to date!

If you’re looking to get all of the facts on your possible new whip—and we mean the FULL TLDR, specs, and numbers—then this is the perfect video for you. He even shows you how to utilize the bike’s collapsible features!

Bonus – this video was not sponsored by the SWAGTRON team in any way. It’s 100% unbiased and is based in Essence’s personal opinion only. He also takes the Swagcycle out for a spin at one point to show viewers the full Swagcycle riding experience.

His top notch editing and voice over skills really take this video over the top and offers great quality!

Thanks Essence!

Next up: Chris Jerkins – Swagtron Swagcycle in Action Review

Chris and his wife both own two Swagcycles—our signature black and gold, while his wife sports the smart white Swagcycle. The pair expertly show off the Swagcycle in their video, where they take it out to a parking lot with ample space to really show off the fantastic handling of the Swagcycle. Chris even takes it down a narrow hallway at one point to demonstrate just how compact and precise e-bike is.

Taking a closer look, we can see Chris giving us a subtle hot tip: he takes one foot off of the footholds when he is about to make a sharp turn or U-turn.
Why? There’s a very good reason! The footholds are directly connected to the front wheel. In order to make such a hairpin turn, Chris is taking his feet (a possible steering deterrent) out of the equation!

Later, we see his wife taking the sleek white Swagcycle out for a spin—for those who are curious/on the fence about which color to get!

Thanks Chris!

And last, but certainly not least: Tim Boggs – Swagtron Swagcycle Overview / Test drive

Tim put together a great video with three great elements:
1. He starts out riding his Swagcycle in a parking lot—a spot that has enough wide open space for him to demonstrate the e-bike’s speed and handling—and…
2. He mounts a Go-Pro and takes to the street to give everyone a first-person perspective on what it’s like to ride your Swagcycle, and finally…
3. A killer soundtrack built of mellow tunes.

Tim’s video really captures what it’s like to take your Swagcycle out for a midday or evening cruise. If you’re interested in seeing the Swagcycle being put through its paces, check it out!

Thanks Tim!

Well that does it—for this month at least.

If you want to see your video given a little bit of the spotlight treatment here in our monthly Review Round-Up, send us your videos! You can tag us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even message us directly! We are always enthused to see what kind of adventures and content our riders get up to.

As always—please take care, riders! We would prefer to see everyone in these videos taking proper precautions and wearing their helmets and pads. But most of all—HAVE FUN!

Until next month!

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