5 steps to customize your ride with hoverboard decals

Stand Out By Adding Stickers to Your Hoverboards

Whether you’re riding on the SWAGTRON™ T3 or the supersized T6, riding on a hoverboard has always been a head turning experience, attracting the attention and envy of everyone who comes near. Though SWAGTRONs already come in a line of eye popping colors ranging from camouflage to navy blue (with recently released pink available now as well!), there’s a new accessory that you can add to take your SWAG to the next level.

Now you can add your own personal swag to the hoverboard in the form of hover board decals! Though people have long been putting their own stickers onto their boards to add their own personal flair, decals now allow users to place full body stickers that cover every inch of their ride for a cleaner and more personalized aesthetic.

Just as gear heads spend their customizing and adding modifications to their cars, now Swagheads have the opportunity to do the same to their hover boards!

Decals such as this one allow you to quickly and immediately tell which is yours when you’re inside a hoverpark or skate park, and even serve as a deterrent to potential thieves as your self-balancing scooter would be so unique that everyone would immediately know it was yours.

Stickers are also great in that they provide a protective covering for your scooter, preventing sharp rocks or other small objects from scratching your board.

Here are 5 steps to add decals to your hoverboards

In order to attach a decal simply follow these simple steps to add some style and swag to your board:

1.  Make sure that your hoverboard is completely powered off. If it is still powered on, press the silver button located on the hoverboard body to power it off.

2.  Take the hoverboard sticker with the backing still intact, and place it against the hoverboard body to get an idea of where to place the sticker

3.  Remove the sticker, and carefully place onto the frame of your board

4.  Use a credit card or other thin object to remove any air bubbles that may have been trapped underneath the sticker.

And just like that, you can enjoy not only having the coolest ride in town!



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