Customer Unboxing and Review of the Swagboard NG-1 electric skateboard

Often, the best promotion comes from those enjoying our products the most. When a young fellow wanted to share the immediate excitement of owning Swagboard what did he do? Post a video! Check out his detailed electric skateboard review.

Tyler, a young super fan of our most popular electric ridables, combined some strong enthusiasm, along with his many other talents to produce this great video. With style and thought and planning he crafted a fine presentation. After some intro footage of him enthusiastically riding the Swagboard, Tyler carefully explains almost every detail of the product, how it works, the cautionary factors, and even how SWAGTRON assisted when the product stopped working.

There are some great shots in this piece that normally would not be found in professional videos.

Then, in explaining a product glitch and how the company made good on the warranty, Tyler opens up his newly returned box and re-introduced the audience to its contents. Keep in mind as you watch that Tyler is not just idly rolling about or giving a “one view” video shot. He took time and thought to construct a great and visual description of the many features and benefits of the Swagboard, including the government travel approval and warnings.

Point by point, Tyler calls attention to the items in the box that many people would overlook. Highlights included operation instructions along with the warranty. There is a clear camera shot of the UL2272 certification label and the warnings. Few youngsters their age would even bother to consider showing this aspect. It shows he thought through the process of filming this very clearly and took time to be fully responsible with his new possession.

Tyler and his brother show themselves riding the Swagboard at full speed. While giving you information about the SWAGTRON Swagboard product.
With excited customers like this enjoying SWAGTRON products, the company knows it has a very bright future ahead.

Want to learn more about the Swagboard by SWAGTRON? Check out Tyler’s full review below.

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