The Bot Broz Amazing First Hoverpark, a Hoverboard Skatepark

This is so unique! In most cities the skateboarders have to take their sport to the local park. The city goes through months of delays and red tape and costs before they finally build something. Here, a couple of guys get a building and do the whole thing independently! Not only have they re-imagined the skate park, but they’re also innovating new and exciting hoverboard tricks. Think gymnastics on hoverboards! Yes, if your bias is that hoverboards are a slow pokes, this is a wakeup call.

Take a look at this latest skate park. It is so simple. A hoverboard skate park needs only flat space and you’re ready to go. The Bot Broz understood this and converted a warehouse into the ultimate hoverpark. Using the smooth floor and well-lit and covered venue, the Bot Broz can practice their insane tricks rain or shine. The Bot Broz have even set up training courses with a state-of-the-art harness system to teach new riders how to hover. Add one giant Hoverboard replica and you’ve got the worlds first hoverpark! Check out the rad moves as the Bot Broz warm up in this video on their SWAGTRON T3 Hoverboards. Hoverboards have come a long way with more features, and tougher more rugged frames.

The Hoverpark opened December 18th in Illinois, located at 999 W. Main Street in West Dundee, directly across the street from Spring Hill Mall. Hopefully as more people see the amazing innovation and talent of the Bot Broz they’ll be inspired to create hoverparks of their own!

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