The Best Self Balancing Scooter for $200

Hoverboards are definitely not cheap. We have a solution for the decision-making budget bosses of the house to help you find a hoverboard under $200. With so many options on the market from new to used items, we wanted to collect some reasons to consider the refurbished route. The product has most if not all of the same features and benefits to going brand new, and you can even save money in the process.

UL certified?

The most commonly asked question when it comes to purchasing a self balancing scooter is—will it catch on fire? When you shop for a hoverboard, be sure to look out for the UL2272 certification. This ensures that your hoverboard production has gone above and beyond to verify the absolute highest quality standards. The Swagtron Turbo Five hoverboard is below $200 and comes equipped with UL certification.

Customer service benefits

Customer service is king! Appreciation for customer service usually rises as a result of a negative experience when purchasing a product or service. When you truly need that extra assistance from the technical support line and the solution never presents itself, it makes the entire purchasing process far more stressful than it needs to be. Yet, when the customer service representative goes above and beyond then you can really feel good about your decision to buy.

The renown customer service at Swagtron headquarters is definitely not discounted, so you can count on lots of backup benefits to purchasing through us. Our refurbished Swagtron Turbo Five hoverboard under $200 is such a great way to save money and purchase with power. You will never get ripped off going with a foreign 3rd party website, and there will always be a human available to answer your customer service request. We promise there are no crickets on the other line of our technical support.

Like all of our Swgatron products, delivery is prompt and each refurbished hoverboard for 200 dollars is inspected using the highest quality standards and constructed with brand-approved parts. Each self balancing scooter is refurbished by in house company-trained technicians—not 3rd parties who have never been inside our design studio.

Warranty and return policy included

It’s quite often that refurbished items are sold under 3rd party retailers without a return policy or come without a warranty. Let this be a huge red flag indicating you should do more research before buying. Run several searches and consult multiple reviews before going through with your purchase.

You will not have to worry about any funny business when purchasing with us. The Swagtron Turbo Five hoverboard under $200 comes a 90-day limited warranty and 30 day return policy. The warranty has a detailed description so there’s no guessing games involved. You can even register your warranty easily on our website to be sure that you are actively covered. You can be assured that if your self balancing scooter isn’t running as it’s supposed to be, then we have got your back.

Choose manufacture refurbished self balancing scooter

Choosing the manufacturer over 3rd party affiliates

Manufacturer-refurbished products provide quite a bit more satisfaction and quality assurance compared to using a 3rd party whose quality and reliance can be questionable at best. It’s not hard to find a random website bragging about discounted tech goods only to see that almost all of the reviews are 1-star or worse—there are no reviews.

Going through the manufacturer lets you feel confident that the construction process uses all the same authentic parts that are stock in brand new items. During the production process, each part is inspected then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. No defunct parts are ever used in the construction of our refurbished products and they will run as good as new.

Know where your money is going! It is not uncommon to find that your refurbished seller will authorize the credit card transaction and then nothing arrives. There are those crickets we mentioned before. Far more frequently, your purchase will have a refurbished item delivered to you only for you to find that it doesn’t work at all or maybe it lasts a day then powers out for good. Then when you try to contact the number or email listed on the website, no one is there or you receive a response of empty promises for return labels that never show up. More crickets.

Don’t make the mistake of getting duped by internet shakedowns. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Consumer benefits

As you might already know, there is a huge market for refurbished technology. Many consumers have discovered lots of different reasons to purchase semi-new products. From laptops to video games, refurbished items are far more affordable then the brand new generation and can sometimes arrive with a few updates to match the current model. This is especially common with computer technology.

The Swagtron Turbo Five hoverboard, $200, is a great way for you or your little one to learn the art of self balancing scooters at an affordable, low-cost investment. You know you’ve been dying to test out a new form of motorized transportation that is zero-emissions, modernly designed, and even poses a great, new workout. Your purchase even comes with a complimentary bag and will arrive in superb quality like a brand new model.

As we mentioned before, the return policy still applies and the limited warranty extends past our return policy deadline. We refurbish domestically in our United States headquarters and each hoverboard goes through testing and quality assurance approval.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing refurbished electronics

When you decide to go the refurbished route, there are some things to keep in mind. Make sure you know who is doing the refurbishment. Some people will custom build their own products using random parts and quality can definitely be compromised when choosing to go this route. In the age of the internet and global economy, there are a lot of 3rd party sellers that aren’t always authorized to distribute the products they’re listing. Make sure that you do your research before buying!

Subsequent generations of the products may have new added features that the refurbished version won’t have. If you don’t care about certain features, then refurbished is a great strategy to get what you want while saving money.

When it comes to the recertified Swagtron Turbo Five hoverboard, $200, be mindful that the maximum speeds can vary from different models. For this particular board, we added new features to include a battery mode and a learning mode setting for new riders. The warranty is different and limited in comparison to brand new models.

Prevent electronic waste with self balancing scooters

Feel good about preventing electronic waste

Refurbished technology is a market that is truly making an impact on reducing the carbon footprint of humans. Recycled electronics are a widely emerging industry that is creating jobs and preventing additions to landfills all over the world.

E-waste is one of the fastest growing forms of pollution. When technology is discarded without using the proper means to do so, metal parts will accumulate in landfills and decompose depositing harmful elements into the soil.

When you take advantage of refurbished technology, you can feel good knowing that all of the parts inside have contributed to your positive experience utilizing the product, rather than letting it wind up polluting natural resources like soil and water. In addition, consuming refurbished items helps to conserve natural resources by repurposing what already exists. So you can be eco-friendly, environmentally conscious, and save money on your new-ish hoverboard under $200. There are a lot of economic benefits to going refurbished!

The best hoverboard for $200 picture

Where else can you find such a good hoverboard for $200

Needless to say, you can do your research and discover that the Swagtron Turbo Five is the best hoverboard for 200 dollars. With updated features like a learning mode and battery light indicator, your refurbished scooter is as good as new with an even better price tag. Discover a new mode of transportation, learn funky tricks, or just get that hoverboard you’ve always wanted for a little less money. If you want to buy this product at original price, you can get it here.

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