Best Hoverboards Deals For Teenagers: Black Friday 2021

It’s undeniable that hoverboards are a fast, fun and affordable way to deliver hours upon hours of fun for teens looking for an excuse to get out and stay active. But not all hoverboards are built the same. Whether you end up as a YouTube fails clip or the next Instagram influencer depends on which board you choose. An overview of this year’s best hoverboards for teenagers reveals important factors, such as price, quality, and functionality.

For teens, the hoverboard is more than just a means of transport — it’s part of their swagger. So, while you’re ticking the boxes in terms of what attributes your hoverboard needs, it’s worth adding a few must-haves: that special pop of color, superb finishes, and unique style and design flourishes. 

The swagBOARD T580 Twist Hoverboard with EXCLUSIVE LiFePo™ superior battery tech.
The swagBOARD T580 Twist Hoverboard with EXCLUSIVE LiFePo™.

Questions to ask yourself before selecting your ride include: 

  • What are the basic design features? 
  • What is the maximum load capacity? 
  • Does it have any special features? 
  • Will it give me those extra brownie points with my friends? 
  • Will I be completely broke after purchase? 

Some of the best days of your life will be spent on a hoverboard; however, great hoverboard days are safe hoverboard days. Be sure to check the weather, wear your safety gear, and remain well within the safety limitations of your board. 

Best Hoverboards for Music Lovers

A teen without their music is like a pumpkin spiced latte without the spice. Or the pumpkin. Or the latte. In other words: unimaginable! While it’s possible to listen to tunes on your phone, you risk your music getting lost in the fray — even when you have the volume cranked up. Thankfully, you can opt for the swagBOARD T580 Warrior Bluetooth® hoverboard that not only produces popping beats but also LED lighting, ensuring the party is wherever you are.

Priced comfortably in the mid-level ranges, you can expect to pay between $100 and $200. There is also a wide range of amazing colors to choose from. 

The swagBOARD T580 Warrior with EXCLUSIVE ground-effects lighting and LiFePo™ superior battery tech.
The swagBOARD T580 Warrior with EXCLUSIVE ground-effects lighting and LiFePo™ battery.
  • Top Speed: 7.5 MPH
  • Range per Charge: 6 miles
  • Max. Capacity: 200 lb.
  • Other Features: “Infinity” LED wheels, Bluetooth® speakers, iOS/Android-compatible app, Music-synced ground effects lighting

IMPORTANT: The swagBOARD T580 Warrior uses the new, exclusive LiFePo™ battery that, when used as directed, is noncombustible from damage, punctures or during charging. And it comes with a 5-year battery performance promise! Read more about the history of hoverboard batteries and why we chose to use LiFePo™ batteries here: Hoverboard Batteries (Everything You Need to Know)

Best Hoverboard For Beginners

If you’re new to the hoverboard game and still finding your feet, it helps to go with a hoverboard that won’t distract you. The swagBOARD T5 Classic is the ideal choice as an entry-level board. While priced between the $100 (for recertified) and $200 range, special offers often drop the price even lower. The hoverboard is UL certified, which gives you peace of mind that quality and safety have been thoroughly checked by a third party.

The board is easy enough for beginners to learn, and the settings enable further flexibility that keeps experienced boarders entertained, too. Switching to “learning mode,” for example, lowers the top speeds and increases the sensitivity of the navigation sensors. The result is a hoverboard riding mode that favors control over speed until the rider feels comfortable riding in “standard mode.”

Young teen squatting on his swagBOARD T5 Classic hoverboard.
Perfect for first-time riders: the swagBOARD T5 Classic hoverboard.
  • Top Speed: 8 MPH
  • Range per Charge: 7 miles
  • Max. Capacity: 187.4 lb.
  • Other Features: Multiple riding modes including “Learning Mode”

Best for Those Who Want More 

If you’re the type who spends hours in line waiting to buy the latest, dopest gadget, then a simple hoverboard won’t do. You want features and baubles that make your friends ooh and aah as you whizz by.

The swagBOARD T580 Vibe Bluetooth hoverboard offers the option to listen to music through dynamic Bluetooth speakers. Users can download the SWAGTRON® app to access unique features on their smartphone or handheld device, such as the advanced driving feature.

The board features 6.5-inch rubber wheels that not only provide a smooth ride but also a stable one. This is a particularly popular model and has reached top sales for two years running. It’s priced between the $100 (for recertified) and $230 range. 

Close-up of teen standing on the swagBOARD T580 Vibe hoverboard.
When you want more: the best-selling swagBOARD T580 Vibe hoverboard.
  • MPH
  • Range per Charge: 8 miles
  • Max. Capacity: 220 lb.
  • Other Features: Bluetooth® speakers, iOS/Android-compatible app, Multiple riding modes, LED headlight.

Best for Long Term Use

While it’s natural to want the newer, shinier model as it hits the shelf, the swagBOARD T380 Elite offers that extra bit of durability. This allows a slightly heavier load of up to 220 pounds, larger than most other hoverboard capacity limits. The board is also sturdier and slightly heavier, adding to its stability—especially when riding on bumpy surfaces. The board is a mid-ranger and is priced anywhere from $150 (for recertified) to $250. This board is a good choice for those who may want it during the transition years, from child to teenager or teenager to adult. 

Closeup of a female teen standing on her swagBOARD T380 Elite hoverboard.
The swagBOARD T380 Elite hoverboard.
  • Top Speed: 8 MPH
  • Range per Charge: 7-12 miles
  • Max. Capacity: 220 lb.
  • Other Features: Bluetooth® speakers, iOS/Android-compatible app, LED headlights

Best for Powerful Simplicity

It’s not often you’ll find a hoverboard that boasts the ability to climb walls. However, the powerful 250W hub motors allow the swagBOARD Duro to scale inclines up to 30 degrees. This is the ideal party trick for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Its sleek design and elegant lines can only hint at the power this little number contains. If hoverboards were compared to cars, this would be the Aston Martin of hoverboards. While it allows greater flexibility, it also happens to be a favorite among beginners, thanks to its strength and durability afforded by SentryShield® quantum layered technology.   

The lithium-free swagBOARD Duro hoverboard.
The swagBOARD Duro hoverboard with lithium-free battery.
  • Top Speed: 7 MPH
  • Range per Charge: 5.8 miles
  • Max. Capacity: 200 lb.
  • Other Features: Lithium-free battery

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