Beat the Zombie Apocalypse Aboard Your SWAGTRON!

Adventures Begin With Your Feet.

A dank, foggy gloom drifts eerily over the landscape. Fingers of raw darkness creep in. The deep murkiness fills every corner. Night ominously arrives, sending chills, shivers and a sickening unease up your spine. The air stings, frosty and biting; your whole world is on edge.

It’s Halloween! They are coming. You must deal with the horror that stalks you. Shhh…Quiet! The shadows begin to rustle. Distant growls and moans grow louder. In the moonlight, out of the corner of your eye, you glimpse the first gnarled, cold dead hands… grasping for YOU!
… are you truly ready for the dreaded Zombie Apocalypse?

Your only hope is having the right survival tools and knowing how to use them. Run, grab your Swag and Go! There are three at your disposal. You must use them all to defend against the onslaught. Tap all your skill with your SWAGTRON rides to conquer the mobs of the dead before they suck out your very brains in a mashup of gory gluttony.

They are HERE! Don’t just stand there…MOVE! To make it to safety, you must venture through dangerous areas with swarming with legions of the undead braying at your heels as you move along. Don’t walk! Use your survival tools — quick, grab your zombie fighting tools and your rides: the SWAGTRON T3, Swagger scooter and the Swag board. No matter where you are, your SWAGTRON board or scooter can help you defeat the army of the undead.

Let’s Go! You must defeat the minions of death, destruction, and doom…
Quickly, you get out on the road. Stay away from the wide open spaces — prairies, forests, deserts, or any expanse over 10 miles, unless you know a place to plug in your Swag for recharge. Stay in the cities, towns and areas with clear pathways of escape!

Any urban expanse, from New York City to Los Angeles, big cities hide zombies at every turn. Smaller cities and communities are also overrun. Even rural environs find the monsters lurking about. Fortunately, you can cruise along as silently as the dead aboard your high tech SWAGTRON T3. You can battle the nightmarish creatures with the Swagger scooter and you can outmaneuver the pack of zombies aboard the Swag Board.

swagtron T3 guide to zombie apocalypse

The Halloween night continues onward. You race along, silent, swift and tough. The 8 mph top speed electric motor zooms you ahead of the limping and lurching rotting corpses seeking to grab you. You and all your zombie fighting gear can ride easily since the T3 holds up to 220 lbs. As the creatures lunge and leap out at you, the quick and intuitive T3 responds to your balance and feet, nimbly turning and accelerating about, just out of reach of the aggressors. Stop! A line of zombies lurks just ahead…you know what to do! Using your handy app, the on-board Blue Tooth speaker blares out The Walking Dead playlist. That terrifies the mindless, animated cadavers, sending them squealing off for cover. The road ahead is dark, but the brilliant LED lights guide you along through the black night, while their brightness sends the undead carcasses recoiling back to the deep holes from whence they came. Should one get too close, just tilt and spin. Contact with the tough rubber bumpers and solid construction of the T3 sends them tumbling. You’ll keep rolling since the T3 features all rubber run-flat tires.

Swagtron guide to zombie apocalypse

The hoard of the deceased are coming again! You head into rugged terrain where you can’t use the T3. Abandon your ride? NO! Take it with you! Stuff it fast into the optional T3 rolling carrying bag. The SWAGTRON T3 & T1 hoverboard carrying bag comes with a handle and wheels to pull your hoverboard with ease, and pockets that you can store your charger, flashlights, and other zombie combat gear you pick up on your way. And if you don’t want to pull the bag it also comes with back pack carrying straps. Take it anywhere and be ready to roll again once you hit the pavement!

You need to get to higher ground. Grab the handy carrying strap and you shoulder the hoverboard with ease. You Will Escape with the T3!
But, it has run out of power. Don’t panic! It takes only an hour to recharge. Find a plug and a place to hide it for 60 minutes, and you are on the move again. You may get overheated battling the forces of darkness, but your SWAGTRON T3 is UL 2272 safety certified — no electric or fire hazards here.
They are still coming! Quick, plug the T3 in and run for your Swagger Scooter!

Swagger guide to zombie apocalypse

That’s the Ticket! The SWAGTRON Swagger e-Scooter – perfect for the zombie apocalypse. Grab your zombie killing gear and go! Swagger holds up to 300 pounds. Are you a ninja fighter against the zombies? You’re ready for action, As Swagger races nimbly along, you use hands and feet to cut sharp corners, spin and reverse course faster than any moldering dead body can possibly move.
Time to stop and fight! With an easy swing, the Swagger quickly folds down and you get it out of the way, then use it to make way as the zombies scatter before you. It’s made of light weight carbon fiber, weighing in at only 17 lbs. So, swing that scooter and clear the deck! Breaking through the line of rotting bodies lumbering nearby, you easily unfold the Swagger and step aboard again. Zoom! You race away along the streets with cruise control and shift to optimum speed with three gears to outmaneuver and whip by any encroaching dead boys. On the top handle bars the Swagger e-scooter by SWAGTRON has a speedometer, accelerator, hand break, and light. You are safely clear of the zombies for the moment, but look at the controls and realize the battery is almost out. That’s OK since a dead battery won’t stop you. Swagger can become a regular foot powered scooter. This one features is what would make it easy to travel long distances. Zombies are still on your trail en-mass, but slowing down. You are wearing them down! The battery runs out, but your feet take over. Zipping down to a secure location, you plug in the scooter and switch to your third weapon…The Swag Board. Adventure Begins With Your Feet.

swagboard guide to zombie apocalypse

“Come and Get Me, Zombie Scum!”, you yell confidently. Now you have some real speed! 11 mph to roar with. The creeping zombies tromp after you. Swag board rolls for 10 miles on a charge and can be a regular skate board, so you have unlimited options. As the night comes to a close, the exhausted un-dead simply cannot compete with your Swag board’s superior flexibility, tight ride, precision turn control and smooth ride. It’s UL2272 certified, so you know nothing haphazard will occur as you twist, turn, jump, fly, using your zombie weapons to take out zombie after zombie after zombie.

The nightmare Halloween world is a dark blur as you race and space yourself from the undead. Finally, you set your trap. The cretins believe they have you cornered in a dark, shadowy spot behind a hills. As they are ready to lunge, you run to the top of the hill and DAWN! The sun brilliantly rises. Shadowsrapidly retreat. The zombies are blinded by the daylight. And you have led them down the road…five miles past town. They have nowhere to hide. Sauntering blindly, they swiftly wither in the heat of day, collapse and permanently die as the zombie virus within shrivels into oblivion.

And you turn on your Swag board. With five miles to go, you can ride easily back to town triumphant in the Brilliant Warm Day.
Halloween may be over…but tonight, will new zombies awake to hunt you again?
Fortunately, all your SWAGTRON rides will be ready for the fight!

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