The 7 Best Resources for E-Scooters

It’s no secret that e-scooters are quickly on the rise to becoming THE top choice in personal transportation. It’s predicted that the majority of people with average morning commutes will be making it with a zero emission e-scooter.

And the benefits of doing so are almost endless. With no harmful emissions, rechargeable lithium ion batteries, and less bumper-to-bumper traffic on the roads and freeways, an electronic scooter really seems like the perfect way to go!

With the future in mind, we put together a list of the best online resources for anyone looking to break into the e-scooter scene – and it’s also a great guide for anyone who is still teetering on the fence.

Here are our handpicked 7 top online forums and sites for e-scooters:

Kicking it off at number 1: Scooter Inside!

Scooter Inside resource for electric scooters

“At Scooter Inside, we are committed to building the best scooter resources on the internet.”

Scooter Inside is a comprehensive blog and information site with detailed reviews on everything scooter related – from the perfect fit kids scooters, well-loved kick scooters, all the way to the infamous self-balancing scooters (aka: hoverboards), this website covers just about EVERYTHING.

At number 2: Electric Forum

Electric Forum resource for electric scooters

This sleek and futuristic website brings you the latest and cutting edge in electric vehicle news. Offering reviews and sneak peeks from everything from electric motorcycles to the tiniest drones, it is also a vibrant online community of over 5,000  members!

Coming in at number 3: Electric Rides Review

Electric ride review resource for electric scooters

Back in 2010, Court Rye started his reviews to help people find the ride that could best fit them. With people of all ability and mobility in mind, this site takes all factors into account to create the best and most comprehensive reviews.

“My goal is to help people discover, interpret, understand and ultimately purchase the best electric bike for their lifestyle and needs.”

Not for the faint of heart…number 4: Modified Electric Scooters

modified electric scooter resource for e-scooters

With the site’s apt motto of “Anything electric that scoots!” you can find anything and everything for anyone looking to roll up their sleeves and get elbow deep in their scooter’s nitty-and-gritty wires and circuit guts. If you are ready to take your e-scooter tweaking and customization to the next level, this is your one stop shop, look no further.

Don’t hate us for saying the obvious, number 5: r/scooters

Reddit scooter resource for electric scooters

In good consciousness, we couldn’t publish this list without including a Reddit forum. Redditors are by nature a hive of like-minded individuals, and when they put their heads together, they can accomplish great (or terrible) things. In the case of a knowledgeable scooter community, though, the accomplishment is great. Worth a passive read for any scooter fan’s downtime.

If Reddit is your speed, maybe try number 6: The Scooter Rider Haven

Reddit scootering resource for electric scooters

Another Reddit forum, this one focuses less on the beginner’s aspects of electric scooter and more on the tricks and straight up talent found in the riders themselves. You might not always want to perform these scooter feats with your e-scooter, so be sure to conduct a thorough amount of research before putting your scooter (and yourself) at any risk!!!

If you have questions, number 7 has answers: Electric Scooter Parts

Electric scooter part resource for electric scooters

The perfect stop if you have that lingering question or problem that you just can’t crack. Designed with a specialized “Knowledge Base,” this site seeks to answer anyone’s technical questions regarding their two-wheel, electric scooter.

No matter if you are a beginner, a veteran, or if your scooter goals are still a gleam in your eye–there is an online community waiting to welcome you! All you need to do is start clicking and read up. Interested? Learn more about our electric scooters here!

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