Bruno Mars’ 24k Magic Homage on Hoverboards & Swagboards

David Moore and the Bot Broz crew have done it again and taken their Swag to a new level. Perhaps you have seen it? This Bruno Mars tribute hoverboard dance cover video, featuring dancers riding SWAGTRON electric skateboards, motor scooters and hoverboards, they dance all through the indoor skate park. If you ever thought that electric scooters and hoverboards were rather ordinary and just a fad, then you really need to see this.

This mega dance video with Bruno Mars cover and SWAGTRON products showcase some crazy moves on a variety hoverboards, electric skateboards and motorized scooters, not just one person, but often several dancing in sync. No doubt it must have taken quite a lot of practice to get this coordinated. Now this innovative video is inspiring others to share their hoverboarding experience on YouTube!

The video begins featuring the SwagBoard™, an electric skateboard that rolls up to 11mph. The board almost magically speeds over on its own to the rider as he hops aboard to and the dancing begins, but we know it’s just clever use of the wireless remote.

Wondering what the girls are riding? It’s the Swagger™ Electric scooter. Speeding up to 15 miles per hour the girls expertly use the E-brake for a quick stop in the middle of their routine.

Next up is our favorite part of the video, the hoverboards. It begins with them being pulled by hoverboards on office chairs, an interesting twist on the normal way to ride, but as they hop off the chairs the real tricks begin. Using the T3’s self-balancing technology the rider spins around for a one-foot 360, at which time the camera pans out to another rider doing a one-wheeled 360! At this point we were impressed at the innovation it takes to come up with these tricks, but what comes next really takes the cake. As hoverboard riders we can easily appreciate the difficulty involved and the amount of practice it must of taken to nail that one!

Electric personal transportation devices have become wildly popular with people of all ages. Adults are starting to realize the potential of zero emissions vehicles that speed up to 15mph for a distance of up to 15 miles! With over 9 unique personal transporters available SWAGTRON has something for everyone.

SWAGTRON, adventures begin with your feet™!

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