How to get good on your hoverboard now that you can ride it.

Posted: September 20, 2017Categories: Hoverboards, SWAGTRON News, the_skatepark

So, there are a few things that are difficult for all hoverboard or self balancing scooter riders.

What, you say are they?

Well, for starters, you know that once you are on a hoverboard, you don’t wanna get off it for any reason. ANY reason!


Right. So, for example… gettting through tight spaces by ‘wiggling’ is a skill that we all learn by being lazy and not wanting to carry the board over or through a tight spot that it cannot fit through widthwise..

Here’s your list:

#1 Wiggling. Simply angle the board and wiggle through narrow spots laterally. This is pretty self explanatory. I’ve seen kids wiggle through 1′ spots rather than picking up the hoverboard. I’m guilty of doing this between the cars in the driveway when the tires are too close together to ride through widthwise.

#2 Learn to Ride Backwards Without Falling ALL THE TIME. Simply learn to use your hips and pretend you are ice skating backwards. If you can’t ice skate backwards, just pretend and you’ll get it. Think you have a hockey stick in your hands, perhaps and make sure you are always looking backwards or you may knock over the pole that holds up the tent over the dinner table outside! (from experience)

Here I am showing Jaws how to ride an all terrain hoverboard. Yeah. Jaws. Around :50 I show him how to ride backwards like in hockey.

When you see Aaron playin his ‘mouth harp’ in the video, just know that his pro board has one on it.

And to put that into perspective, when they say ‘Zero Gravity’ in the video, that is a reference to this video of Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki and Tony Hawk weightless skateboarding on a jet:

#3 Learn to ‘sway’ like a rollerskater and pump from your left foot to your right foot, taking turns.  This is a little tough to pick up at first, and you may find yourself falling off the side due to major overcompensation that happens when you try something like this for the first time. You can see the little guy in the video for #4 below starting to sway already.

Once you get the hang of it, you can crank up some 21 Pilots, Datsik, Ephwurd or Gastly on the all terrain hoverboard’s bluetooth connection and skate like a roller skater down venice beach boardwalk! Speaking of which, if you look just closely enough, you can just see me (aaron) skating in background of this video shot in DTLA and Venice this May. Can you spot the Swagcycle and T6 all terrain hoverboard at the end of the clip?

✖️OUT NOW ✖️

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#4 Learn to go really fast without getting hurt. 

Strangely but obviously this depends on which board you have. Now when learning on a T1 the best way is to start off on SHORT GRASS and crouch down so you have little distance to fall. Practice this over and over and eventually you will be able to go full speed, however some of the more powerful hoverboards, like the T6 go so fast that this may be too fast for you and could also cause ‘unbalancing’ if the board has been abused or dropped a lot of times.

This guy knows how to use his SWAGTRON T1 almost like a T6. I was blown away by this kid’s quick learning ability. Within the first 2 minutes, he was crouched, on the grass, speeding at full speed on is new birthday present.

Here is some footage from this guy’s first day on the board on April 24th, 2017 with a follow up from July 23rd, 2017.

Isn’t it great how before we gave him any instruction, he was smart enough to use the grass and started riding really fast until he got the hang of it, but he was crouched at first! Here are some more hoverboard tricks to try at home on the grass!

There was also a giant duck nearby that day. I think the world has seen enough selfie’s of that, but did I mention that the off-road hoverboard is great for chasing ducks?

#5 Chasing ducks at Tewinkle:

Take a moment, to see how the offroad T6, our new all terrain hoverboard or self balancing scooter for 2017 matches up against the competition

self balancing scooter T6 Specs infographic

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