Parking at Griffith Park Observatory with a T6 All Terrain Hoverboard

Posted: July 26, 2017Categories: SWAGTRON News, the_skatepark

One of my hometown friends was surprised that ‘I hadn’t been kicked out yet’ or ‘told not to ride that thing around here’ while she was looking for me after waiting some time. You see, we were at the top of Griffith Observatory overlooking Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.

all terrain hoverboard at griffith observatory

It seems it was quite busy and many cars were frustrated and turning around from the long line up that looked like it the task or parking would surpass the sunset that you were likely parking to watch. I decided to drop her off and drive back down to the bottom, because I knew that in my trunk was a fully charged off road T6 Hoverboard from SWAGTRON.

Yes I love these things, perfect to zip around after skateboarding to cool off and load your car in, great at the beach or park and most kids already ride them better than you do. Unlike skateboards.

So, seeing as the parking lot had been overflowing with cars up top such that I could not park anywhere nearby, I rode the T6 ALL the way up from griffith park parking lots at the bottom. Is this a big deal?


Why? because I didn’t even break a sweat climbing up the hill to Griffith Observatory. Had this been a date, I would have been less sweaty in my appearance, less tired and easier to deal with due to avoiding some of the frustration of parking in Los Angeles.

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Black T6 Bluetooth Hoverboard