What Hoverboards Are Safe to Buy?

We know and understand your concern. It has been a rough few years for the hoverboard industry due in part to cheap manufacturers not ensuring proper regulations and flooding the market with potentially dangerous hoverboards.

With all this negative publicity due to low-tier brands, you might wonder, why buy a hoverboard? There are a host of reasons to buy a hoverboard. These self-balancing motorized devices are easy to carry and are tons of fun to ride. They take you where you need to go, but in style.

Here are some tips to help you buy a hoverboard that is cool, reliable and durable.

Reputable hoverboard brands

To know whether your selected hoverboard is the right one to buy or not, it must be from a reputable brand. Not sure about the brand? Google them. Check their website. Look for reviews. Usually, a micro-brand won’t have their own website; instead, they just buy cheap hoverboards from other manufacturers in bulk and rebrand them.

Premium brands like SWAGTRON® have been in the market for several years, and its hoverboards have not shown any issues. You can check our website and our customers’ reviews.

UL certified hoverboards

To make sure that proper rules and regulations are followed by manufacturers, and that no manufacturer has compromised quality to cut costs, UL certifications are among the most reliable ways to know whether your hoverboard is okay.

UL (Underwriters’ Laboratories) is an American organization that is devoted to the testing of electric equipment. The UL monitors the standards of internal components and tests electrical devices to their limits to make sure they can withstand extreme conditions without causing harm to users. UL standard 2272 certification is the most important and demanding regulation for hoverboards. SWAGTRON is one of the first companies to have their hoverboards certified to the UL 2272 standard. And it’s a certification that we take very seriously.

Hoverboard Battery Shielding

Every hoverboard has commitment for battery protections, as it incurs additional costs. There might be any number of reasons why some manufacturers cut corners. Either way, it means the same for you — needless risk.

At SWAGTRON, we’ve equipped all of our lithium-ion battery powered electric rideable devices, including our hoverboards, with UL2272-certified batteries with SentryShield® multi-layer protection. We’ve spent years researching, perfecting and implementing a smart battery management system that can protect our hoverboards from overcharge, overvoltage and more. For us, the care of our customers is most important. SentryShield® makes sure that in any instance, the batteries do not overcharge or cause harm to the riders.

Hoverboard LEDs

To make hoverboards able to be driven at night, it is important that they have LED lights to act as a headlight. This way, you can easily navigate at night, be visible to other people and other riders around you. LED lights also give you crucial notifications about battery levels, ensuring that you are not stuck mid-way your journey with a dead hoverboard in hand.

You can also find hoverboards with integrated navigation lights. Much like turn signals, these will alert others to your movements. The lights indicate that you’re accelerating, stopping, turning left or right. Unlike cars or bikes, they don’t require the rider to consciously signal an action. Hoverboards turn signals are automatic.

Pay extra if needed

Premium brand hoverboards are priced higher than those sold by micro-brands. Reputable brands source quality materials and build using higher production values. They also adhere to rules and regulations and they cover the cost of UL certifications and testing.

If you are buying a premium hoverboard, like one from SWAGTRON, you know you’re paying for a durable, reliable, UL-certified hoverboard that won’t harm you in ways that micro-brand hoverboards might.

So, What’s the Verdict? Are Hoverboards Okay?

If purchased from a known brand with a proven track record for reliability and durability — absolutely!

Hoverboards are some of the coolest devices that you can have right now, no doubt about that. With a futuristic look and feel, this device is a must.

It’s important that you don’t buy a hoverboard from an unknown seller or disreputable brand. Caution is the most important aspect to have in anything that you are buying. Make sure that you consider the factors mentioned above and make the right selection for your hoverboards. We at SWAGTRON assure you that our hoverboards are of high quality. Also, we have strategically priced our hoverboards to make sure that they are not overpriced, but no aspect is compromised.

For more information on how easy hoverboards are to ride, click here.

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