Can Hoverboards Ride on Carpet?

One of the first things everyone wants to do when they get their new hoverboard is hop on and ride. And it’s no wonder! Self-balancing hoverboards are popular for a reason. They’re a fun and exciting way to get around. And invariably, one of the first questions people ask has to do with where you … Read More

How Do Hoverboards Balance?

Riding a hoverboard can sometimes feel like magic. And it’s not hard to see why. Just stand on it — it stays upright. Shift your weight — it moves. Lean back — it stops. How is it all possible? Well, it’s a far cry from magic. It’s all possible through science and ingenious engineering. A … Read More

Can Hoverboards Ride on Gravel, Grass or Dirt?

Yes, if you get the right hoverboard. As soon as hoverboards were introduced to the market, they found a welcome place in the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. Hoverboards were used in airports, shopping malls, around parks, on campuses. Still, early hoverboards were designed more for flat, even surfaces. And for a while, that was more … Read More

Are Hoverboards Safe for a 10-Year Old Child?

Hoverboards are among the most-hyped eRideables for kids and teenagers today. And for the past two years, they’ve been all the rage around the holiday season. Chances are, your kids have seen one at their school or nearby park and they’ve already started asking you for one of their own. This has no doubt prompted … Read More

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