Are Hoverboards Safe for a 10-Year Old?

Hoverboards are among the most-hyped eRideables for kids and teenagers today. And for the past two years, they’ve been all the rage around the holiday season. Chances are, your kids have seen one at their school or nearby park and they’ve already started asking you for one of their own. This has no doubt prompted you to wonder: Are hoverboards okay for 10-year olds?

Like a lot of the questions we’re asked about our fleet of hoverboards and eRideables, the answer to the question can be involved. Parents should consider features, specs and quality before purchasing a hoverboard. This will help them make an informed decision on whether a hoverboard is the right thing for their young ones.

Here are some of the key factors to consider before buying hoverboard for your 10-year old.

Maximum Velocity

What makes hoverboards risky is the speed they run. Kids have a tendency to go full-throttle when they test new things. A high-velocity hoverboard in the hands of kids could mean trouble. They could end up putting themselves — and others — in harm’s way.

Most hoverboards average top speeds around 10 mph. Some are governed at lower speeds, but there are hoverboards out there built for speed and can top out at upwards 13-15 mph. Stay clear of those!

A solidly built hoverboard with maximum speeds between 5 and 7 mph is perfect for younger riders. Any higher than that simply isn’t needed and certainly isn’t recommended for young kids.

Tire Grip

One of the most important aspects of hoverboards is their traction. So, it’s important that the tires have a good tread and grip. A better grip on the surface means more traction for the riders. Since youngsters tend to do different maneuvers with their hoverboards, it is essential that the hoverboard that you choose for your kids has treaded rubber tires that can grip any appropriate surface.


Not all hoverboards are intended to be used by all ages. Some manufacturers have a very specific age range in mind with a particular hoverboard. Some hoverboards are built for pure sport, adrenaline rush. Some are calibrated for commuters. And others still are built big and tough to handle off-road road conditions.

If you’re buying a hoverboard for a 10- or even 11- and 12-year old, a general-purpose hoverboard is your best bet. At SWAGTRON®, we group our eRideables into “lifestyles,” ranging from Play to Sport and even Off-Road. Stick with the Play designation and you’ll find several age-appropriate options.

With other brands, stick with “general purpose” hoverboards and be sure to follow the age recommendations closely. Getting the right hoverboard is essential for the any age group.

Right size for your child

Make sure that the hoverboards you choose for your kids align with their sizes. It might seem like a good idea to buy a larger hoverboard that you kids can “grow with,” a hoverboard that’s too big for your kid can be difficult to control.

In fact, a lot of manufacturers will also have height recommendations and min./max. weight requirements for their hoverboard. These should be taken seriously.

Maturity of your child

And we’re not talking about whether they back-sass at the dinner table. By ‘maturity,’ we are referring specifically to the physical development of the child. Have they proven to be naturally athletic? Or are they prone to balance-related mishaps? Do they excel with their hand-eye coordination? Are they able to make sound spatial judgments?

These questions aren’t ones you only need to ask yourself about your ten-year-old. You should ask these questions about everyone in your care. From your ten-year-old daughter, all the way up to 17- or 18-year-old son.

No product spec sheet will help you with these questions.

Proper Safety Gear

Always make sure your kids wear properly fitted protective gear while riding their hoverboard. This means an ASTM-certified helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. It boosts your kids’ confidence. With that boost, they’ll ride much better.

Learning/Beginner Mode

Be sure to buy a self-balancing hoverboard that has multiple riding modes. This might be called “slow mode,” “turtle mode,” or “beginner mode.” This is especially important if your 10-year old will be having their very first experience on a hoverboard. Riding a hoverboard is fun and easy, but it does take a bit of getting used to.

Most of our hoverboards have an integrated Learning Mode. This mode regulates the hoverboard’s speed, giving beginners a chance to get used to riding and controlling the hoverboard before experiencing the full power of it.

Reflectors, Turn Signals and LED Lights

Seeing and being seen is important for anyone who rides a hoverboard, but more so with younger riders. Bright headlights improve night-time visibility. Reflectors and LED lights make sure that others can see your kid while they ride.

But while you can buy after-market reflectors and stick them on your kid’s hoverboard, a turn signal is a different story. Be sure to find a hoverboard with embedded turn signals. They respond to the foot pads, which riders use to navigate with. They don’t require the rider to remember to use them — it’s automatic!

Non-Slip Footpads

Your child’s traction on the hoverboard is crucial. Any hoverboard with smooth footpads may cause your child to slip or go off-balance when riding the hoverboard. Therefore, to ensure that the hoverboard that you buy is the right thing, make sure to get the one with non-slip footpads.

Solid Brand Reputation

Above all else, make sure you’re buying hoverboards from a reputable brand. Riding cheap hoverboards from unknown brands is not recommended. Shoddily made hoverboards might not be properly inspected for quality. They could pose a risk of harm to your kid. Such hoverboards are also known for posing a fire-hazard due to the poor-quality battery.

At SWAGTRON®, we only use premium quality materials in our hoverboards. Every hoverboard, electric bike and eScooter also features our patented SentryShield® Smart Battery Management System and multi-layered protection against short-circuiting, overcurrent or overvoltage.

So, are hoverboards okay for a 10-year old? Definitely! If you follow our guide and take the appropriate precaution, you can grab the perfect hoverboard for your child — one that’s fun and rewarding!

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