Is an electric scooter safe?

Research suggests that an electric scooter is no different than riding a bicycle. In fact, bicycles with 10-20 gears have the potential to go much faster than the 20-mile-per-hour top speed of an eScooter. When you ride an electric scooter, both feet remain planted for solid control. A steady, stable ride allows you to concentrate more on your surroundings.

That said, as with any operation of a recreational vehicle, caution is largely in the hands of the rider. Driving at speeds unsuitable for the conditions, not wearing a helmet, and ignoring local traffic laws are all activities controlled by the rider. This is why riding any vehicle should be taught and learned.

Traditional kick scooters are recommended for younger children, along with the proper use of all appropriate protective gear and most especially, training in vehicle operation from a knowledgeable and responsible parent or guardian. Experience riding a kick scooter can provide the skill necessary for younger children to prepare to move up to electric scooters, but the decision to do so can only be made by a responsible parent or guardian. Parents are advised to take into consideration a child’s judgment, maturity, physical coordination and ability to follow rules and instructions in deciding how their children travel.

You can ensure careful operation by following these simple tips:

Be extra cautious when you use the electric scooter in the rain

Although it’s really tempting to cruise through puddles and splash your friends standing nearby, you should limit riding in the rain. If you must ride your electric scooter in the rain, slow down, especially when turning. Some roads become slick when wet, and it doesn’t take much force for the wheels to slide out from under you.

Wear protective gear

Let’s face it, you’re mortal and can get hurt riding or driving any kind of vehicle. You should take the same precautions you would if you were riding a bicycle. Be smart and wear gear that will protect you, including a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. Make sure they are certified to help protect your head from low force multiple impacts (ASTM Standard) and single high impacts (CPSC Certified).

Take your time

Take the time to learn to operate your electric scooter correctly. Don’t just jump on, assuming that an electric scooter works exactly the same as a manual scooter. While it is possible to use your electric scooter in push-only mode, the throttle and the brake take some getting used to, not to mention any additional enhanced features your eScooter might have.

‘Look ma, no hands!’

You might be tempted to replicate some of the tricks you see on YouTube. Don’t. Those are generally done with non-electric kick scooters specifically designed for tricks and stunts. Moreover, these videos are performed by professionals under tight supervision in a controlled environment.

On average, electric scooters aren’t built for tricks. When riding, keep your eScooter on the ground and both hands on the handlebars at all times. And look for eScooters that help make this easier for riders, like our Swagger 5, which includes a phone mount on the handlebars. This will give you easy access to your phone and the Swagger app, which you can use to monitor speeds, switch riding modes and monitor battery life, all while keeping your eyes on the road.

Limit distractions

It is extremely important that you not only keep your eyes on the road, but that you keep aware of your surroundings. Don’t wear headphones or earbuds when you ride an electric scooter. If you are listening to music while riding an electric scooter, how will you hear when emergency vehicles are approaching, or when a motorist has honked their horn? Your hearing is as important to a careful riding experience as your vision.

Don’t drive under the influence

As with any kind of vehicle, do not operate an electric scooter after you have consumed alcohol. It is well established that alcohol impairs judgment and reduces reaction time. And yes, you can get cited for riding an eScooter while impaired.

Ride the best scooter for your height and weight

Make sure that the size of the scooter is appropriate for you. If you are too small for the scooter, you will have a hard time controlling it. If you are too big for the scooter, then you can break it or run the risk of burning out the motor. Look for eScooters that have adjustable stems and only buy an electric scooter that clearly indicates the scooter’s maximum weight capacity.

Ride quality electric scooters that are certified

The quality of the electric scooter is also important to overall caution. Swagtron’s personal e-mobility products pass tests recommended by Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL). In 2016, Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) took on the task of defining extremely rigid quality standards for manufacturers of electric systems used in personal e-mobility products.

Check the product packaging of your scooter. Make sure to find the UL-2272 certificate label.

How Does Swagtron Differentiate Itself?

Swagtron is the leading provider of personal electric recreational mobility (e-mobility) products, including eBikes, electric scooters, hoverboards and electric skateboards. But we don’t just want to build products that look good. We want to build products that are fun and get you home with care

We take pride in marrying high-quality craftsmanship with sleek product designs. Our products show it. Using guidelines set forth by Underwriters’ Laboratories, product testing is both broad and deep.

Beyond rigorous testing and verified certification, we bring to the table our patented SentryShield® Smart Battery Management System (BMS). This system is a series of hardware and software tech that work together to monitor and protect against overvoltage, overheating, overcharging and more.

At Swagtron, we’re serious about you and take care with our manufacture. The proof is in our products.

If e-mobility is your jam, think Swagtron!

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