How To Fix the Swagger 5 Elite Front Tire with Tire Sealant

Filling the SG5 front tire with tire sealant to fix the flat

So there you were, cruising along, enjoying the weather, pondering the mysteries of life. And then it happened. Some inconsiderate road-dwelling debris jacked up your Swagger 5 Elite front tire. How rude.

Flats. Slow leaks. Eventually, every air-filled tire has to deal with these issues. And while the rear tire for the Swagger 5 Elite has a maintenance-free, airless, honeycomb design, the front tire is pneumatic — meaning, it’s air-filled — and is susceptible to flats and slow leaks. You might find that the front tire doesn’t hold its inflation, which we all know is important to scooter performance. Fortunately, there’s a quick, easy fix.

Fix Swagger 5 Elite Tire – Quick Jump

  1. Gather Tools
  2. Clean and Inspect
  3. Deflate Inner Tube
  4. Remove Valve Core
  5. Apply Tire Sealant
  6. Spin to Spread
  7. Spin, Inflate, Repeat
  8. Check Your Work



As with any project, start by gathering all the tools you might need. For this fix, you’ll need:

  • Tire sealant
  • Valve core removal tool
  • Tire pump
  • Spray bottle full of soapy water
  • Microfiber towel
  • Needle-nose pliers

close-up of the tools needed to fix a flat tire, including waterspray bottle, tire sealant and cloth.


Start by inspecting your tire and rim for damage. Thoroughly wipe down the whole wheel with your microfiber cloth to get rid of any road dirt. Then, remove the valve cap and fill the tire with air.

Close-up of guy wiping down the front tire of the SG5

Flip the scooter on its side and spray the tire rim with the soapy water. Watch for bubbles. Bubbles will form where the leak is.

using water spray bottle to find the air leak in the SG5 front tire


Flip the scooter back to an upright position. Depress the pin inside the valve. Press down on the tire to deflate the inner tube.

Close-up of man deflating the front tire of the SG5


Lay the scooter back on its side. Now it’s time to create an opening for the tire sealant application. To do this, use the needle-nose pliers to hold the valve core still. Insert the valve core remover and twist counterclockwise until the valve core is released.

Close-up of holding the valve core still with the needle-nose pliers to remove the valve core


Remove the blue cap from the tire sealant syringe and insert the tip of the syringe into the valve. Slowly depress the syringe until it is empty, then use a towel to thoroughly wipe away any excess sealant from the tire and rim. You don’t want it gathering dirt.

Injecting the Swagger 5 front tire with tire sealant

Next, you’ll reinsert the valve core. Carefully insert the core, still attached to the valve core remover, and twist clockwise until it is secure.

Reinserting the valve on the Swagger 5 Elite's front tire


Spin the wheel several times in both directions to spread the sealant thoroughly around the inside of the inner tube. Flip the scooter back into an upright position and inflate the tire to 60 PSI. Do not over-inflate the tire.


After inflation, lift the scooter and hold it sideways. Spin the tire repeatedly in both directions while rotating the handlebars back and forth to thoroughly spread the sealant even more and allow it to move into the cracks.

Check the tire pressure again. If it’s gone down, inflate the tire to 60 PSI again and give it another spin — as you did a moment ago. Repeat this process until the tire stops deflating. Be patient; it might take a while.

Close-up of guy checking the tire pressure of the SG5 front tire


Get your bottle of soapy water and spray the rim again to check for leaks. If you don’t get any bubbles around the rim, you’re leak-free!

Close-up of guy spraying the tire with water to check for air leaks

Give the tire and rim one final wipe down to get rid of the soapy water and any sealant that may have seeped out onto the wheel.

Close-up of guy wiping down the tire after successfully repairing the tire

That’s it — you’re done!

If you find that you’re constantly inflating the front tire of your Swagger 5 Elite eScooter more than usual, or that the tire isn’t holding air in it at all, reach out to SWAGTRON customer service and we’ll expedite our tire kit to you. You’ll be up and running again in no time!

Last Update: November 3, 2021  


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