Which eBike Is Best for Me?

Side view of the EB8 Fat-Tire Electric Bike from SWAGTRON, standing outside in a dirt trail.

The best way to choose the right eBike is to start by thinking about how you’re going to use it. eBikes come in a variety of styles and with different features. So finding the best eBike for you depends on your needs and what you want to get out of the eBike.

Here’s the quick and dirty.


Illustrative user guide for eBikes based on age

Recommended Electric Bike Guide by Age and Usage.

  • Young children: Not recommended, until the parent feels they are responsible and able to handle the speed.
    • Swagcycle Classic
    • Swagcycle Envy
  • Teens
    • Swagcycle PRO, EB5 Plus
    • SWAGTRON EB5 Plus
  • Commuting
    • SWAGTRON EB7 Plus
  • Seniors
    • SWAGTRON EB9 Step-Thru
  • Off-roading

Now, let’s look at these eBikes in more detail.


We don’t recommend eBikes for young children. However, if you think your child is ready, you can get them the pedal-less SWAGTRON® Swagcycle Classic or the Swagcycle Envy. Your kid can sit back and enjoy the Swagcycle Classic, working on balance without having to worry about pedals. They can also learn to ride using the Swagcycle Envy, which features a foldable design for easy storage.

Couple riding the Swagcycle Pro, an official eBike of the Chicago Cubs

The swagCYCLE Pro pedal-less eBike.

SWAG TIP FOR PARENTS: If your young one is too young even for the pedal-free swagCYCLE models, maybe something as simple as a K5 3-Wheel Kick Scooter is the way to go. It’s a manually powered kick scooter with wheels that light up. Sometimes that li’l bit of electric excitement is all a young tike needs.


Teens can use eBikes to navigate to school, visit friends or commute to their summer job. They need easy-to-handle eBikes with intuitive gear-shifting. Here are a few great options for them.


The Swagcycle Pro has no pedals, so it operates like a scooter. It’s easy for teens to ride, and it has a tough aluminum frame, making it ultra-sturdy.

The SWAGTRON EB5 Pro Plus makes regular trips to and from school and to meetups with friends easy thanks to a 250W motor and speeds of up to 15.5 mph. It also folds for easy storage in the trunk of a small car.

With the SWAGTRON EB6, you get the power you need to off-road, along with the fat tires to handle the terrain. It comes with a high-torque, 350W motor and three modes: pedal-to-go, pedal-only and throttle-only.

Close-up of fit woman riding EB6 fat-tire off-road electric bike on gravel road.

The EB6 Fat-Tire Off-Road eBike


The best commuting eBikes have a relatively long range and are comfortable to ride over long distances. For your long rides, we recommend the SWAGTRON EB7 or the SWAGTRON EB12.


The SWAGTRON EB7 Plus makes taking the long way home an easy and comfortable choice with three modes: pedal-only, full-throttle or pedal-to-go electric-assist. You can fold it into a small package, making it easy to take to work or school.

best folding electric bike

The EB7 Plus electric bike — perfect for commuting riders!

The SWAGTRON EB12 is a modern full-size eBike that uses a powerful motor, Shimano gears and removeable battery to bolster the versatility of this classic-styled 700cc road bike.

Three-quarters view of the EB12 Road electric bike from SWAGTRON, propped up on its kickstand.

The SWAGTRON EB12 Commuting Road electric bike.


When choosing the best eBike, you want to make sure it’s “sized” right. Part of sizing means ensuring that you can get on and off the bicycle easy. If you have mobility or flexibility issues, an electric bike with a lower frame can be a lifesaver. A low frame (or “step-through” frame) makes it easy to mount and dismount. This feature also helps make the bike more manageable to those with limited agility. One great option for seniors is the “true comfort” SWAGTRON EB9 Step-Thru.


For riders requiring special mobility considerations, the  SWAGTRON EB9 is a solid choice. It’s like a traditional bike, just with a low, step-through frame that makes getting on and hopping off the bike easier on the hips and knees. The EB9 is also a good choice for older adults who may be new to the eBike experience. The powerful Li-ion battery lets you cruise the street with ease, and the layout of the center bar and pedals allows for easy handling.

Older woman wearing a helmet while riding an EB9 electric bike.

The step-through frame of the EB9 eBike.


Off-roading eBikes let you use minimal effort to cover long distances. The throttle mode on these can come in handy. If you get injured and can’t pedal, the bike will get you back to safety. SWAGTRON EB6 and EB8 “Fat-Tire” eBikes are great for hitting the trail.


Conquer and explore the outdoors with the SWAGTRON EB8, which comes with thick all-terrain tires for riding rough terrain and Shimano® gears to shift with precision at the push of a button. The EB8 also features a full suspension system and a reinforced aluminum frame for a sturdy build and smooth ride.

The EB6 eBike is slightly smaller than the EB8, but it has a lot of the same features: 4-inch thick, all-terrain “fat tires,” powerful 350-watt motor, 7-speed Shimano gear shift with MF-TZ21 freehub, dual disc brakes and more. The EB6 is built for younger adventurers and riders who don’t need a super large bicycle. (We may refer to it as a “youth” eMTB, but trust us: plenty of adults are loving their EB6!)

Collage of people riding different SWAGTRON eBikes, from the EB5 to the EB12.

Plenty of SWAGTRON options for every rider. Find yours!

As you can see, there’s an eBike for every kind of rider. Once you pinpoint your main use for an eBike – commuting, casual riding, off-roading – then finding that perfect eBike becomes as simple as heading over to SWAGTRON. So what are you waiting for?

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