When Do You Charge Your Electric Bike?

When battery life is low and you can take a break from riding, that’s the time to charge. Recharging ensures your bike is ready to go next time you want to take it out for a spin. Since many ebikes use high-capacity batteries, recharging to full battery life sometimes takes hours. Riders benefit most from multitasking. Leaving the bike connected to an outlet while you’re busy doing other things is the most convenient way to charge.

For most people, it’s as simple as parking the e-bike, plugging it into a power source and remembering where you parked. The last one is usually the hardest of the three.

Around the SWAGTRON offices, we leave our ebikes near outlets since they’re used often. But before you assume that we spend our time racing ebikes around the office, just know that we use them for the same reasons you do. They cut our commuting time down and let us get a ton of things done during lunch.

How do I know when it’s time to charge my ebike?

Often, ebikes have built-in features to indicate low battery life. On one end of the spectrum, newer ebikes use display screens that indicate battery level with small graphics or numbers. On the other end, some ebikes don’t have indicators and may leave you suddenly out of power mid-commute. We prefer the first and we’re sure you do too so that’s how we make our ebikes at SWAGTRON.

Other indicators that your ebike might need a charge include sluggishness up hills and a reduced top speed, but you might have known that from reviewing our other FAQs that discuss electric motors and the work they do in vehicles. There are a variety of things that can affect the efficiency and range of your ebike.

Factors affecting the range of your electric bike:

Riding Conditions

  • Headwinds and hills can determine when you should charge your battery. The more often you face these conditions, the more often you will need to charge your bike.
  • Ambient temperature. Generally speaking, batteries will perform better in warmer weather than in colder weather.

Riding Style

  • How much do you rely on the electric assistance and how much pedal power do you provide to the electric bike? Heavier reliance on electric assistance will drain the battery faster.
  • At what speed are you moving? If you use your bike at top speed all the time with little variation, the battery will be drained faster.
  • The number of starts and stops that you make. You should know that uphill starts consume battery life more quickly.


  • The total weight you’re transporting. This includes your own weight, the bike’s weight, and the weight of any backpack or bag you’re carrying with you.

Charging the Battery

All batteries should be charged in a dry place where temperatures are stable. Whether you’re charging indoors or outdoors, remember to charge within the right times. Both extreme temperatures and charging past the recommended times can decrease overall battery performance. And make sure not to leave your bike outside to charge in a summer scorcher.

There are additional measures you should follow when charging a battery. Never make any attempt to charge a battery that’s damaged or leaking. Also, check your battery level after some time passes. If you’re forgetful, set a timer on your phone. You should charge your bike’s battery with caution and care.

Most importantly, make sure you are using the correct charger for the bike. Many of our batteries feature built-in management systems to prevent over-voltage, over current, and overcharging. These systems work when paired up with charging accessories selected for your bike. If you ever lose track of your charger or charging accessories, contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

And finally…

If you’re ever in doubt about when to charge your e-bike, follow our advice or contact the manufacturer. Many manufacturers, including SWAGTRON, provide manuals online and websites that list charging times and helpful info.

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