How to Tighten the Seat on the EB5 Pro

Seat feeling a bit wobbly? Hey, it happens! Especially if you’re commuting a lot or frequently dealing with bumpy, uneven pavement. Fortunately, all you need to fix this in three seconds is a simple hex key! Watch: How to Tighten the Seat on Your EB5 Pro   Want to maintain optimal performance with your EB5 … Read More

How to Tighten the Seat Post on the EB5 Pro

A simple but effective latch system is found on the seat post, much like the handlebar post. If the seat post gets loose and the clamp needs adjusting, you can do easily tighten it without the need for special tools. Careful to avoid over-tightening. The latch should offer some resistance but shouldn’t be impossible to … Read More

How to Tighten the Handlebar Post on the EB5 Pro

Much like the seat post, the clamps on the EB5 Pro’s handlebar post might get a bit loose over time. Or maybe the handlebar stem starts to feel wobbly or even keeps sliding down. Well, you can easily fix this by hand — no tools needed! — by tightening the stem’s latch screw just enough … Read More

Troubleshooting Tips for the EB5 Pro

From tightening the seat to loosening the twist throttle, EB5 troubleshooting is almost as easy as EB5 riding. Here are some troubleshooting tips that might come in handy as you live that #ElectricLife with your EB5 Pro. Have questions not answered in our FAQ? Have an issue that this video didn’t cover? You can always … Read More

How to Ride the EB5 Pro Electric Commuter Bike

Your EB5 is assembled. The battery is fully charged. The tires are properly inflated. Now it’s time to ride! Right? Well, almost. There’s one more important thing we need to discuss first . . . You should always wear protective gear while riding your EB5 Pro. This means age-appropriate elbow and knee pads, and an … Read More

How to Assemble the EB5 Pro Electric Bike

So you got your very own EB5 Pro eBike. We know you’re ready to hop on and ride, but there are some assembly you still have to do. Fortunately, we built the EB5 to be fun and exhilarating. But most of all, we’ve designed it to be simple and easy. It mostly comes pre-assembled. And … Read More

Are Electric Bikes Worth It?

Short answer: Yes. Let’s be honest, today everyone wants convenience. Be it traveling, cooking food or washing clothes. “If it ain’t easy, it ain’t for me.” — Said everyone, everywhere Champions of eBikes love the ease of use, extended range and better climbing efficiency as part of the reasons why they love riding an electric … Read More

How Do Electric Bikes Work?

The Surge of Electric Bikes We’re not quite two decades into the 21st century, and technology is rushing ahead faster than ever before. The bicycle industry, for example, is far from lagging. With the introduction of electric bikes, the industry garnered itself a tremendous amount of attention. As a refresher: an eBike is a bicycle … Read More

Can Electric Bikes Go Uphill?

In simple terms, electric bikes are pedal bikes which are aided by an electric motor. They have several levels of pedal assist making cycling as easy as you want it. In 2010, China alone produced 27 million electric bikes. This points to the fact that e-bikes are now generally accepted all over the world. But … Read More

When Do You Charge Your Electric Bike?

When battery life is low and you can take a break from riding, that’s the time to charge. Recharging ensures your bike is ready to go next time you want to take it out for a spin. Since many ebikes use high-capacity batteries, recharging to full battery life sometimes takes hours. Riders benefit most from … Read More

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